Public Comment Period

The Washington State University Board of Regents will provide a public comment period at each regular meeting of the Board.

Unless otherwise provided on the agenda or by the chair, the public comment period will be for up to ten minutes, with a two-minute limit per speaker, and will occur after regular agenda items.  Preference will be given to speakers who sign up in advance and who are speaking to matters before the Board.

The opportunity to sign up will be begin at noon on the Friday before the regular Board meeting, and conclude at 5:00 p.m. on the following Thursday. If the Friday is a holiday, sign-ups will begin at noon on Thursday.

Ways to sign up:

  • Call 509-335-4200 
  • In person at the meeting

Please include:

  • name
  • email address and/or phone number
  • subject of your comments
  • relationship to the University (student, faculty, staff, alumni, other)
  • participation plans (in person or virtual)

Speakers are encouraged to address a topic before the Board and to be aware of the Board’s general practice of reviewing items in two steps, first as a future or informational item, and then as an action item at a subsequent meeting.  If time remains, speakers may sign up at the meeting, before the meeting starts

It is Not Necessary to Sign Up to Attend the Meeting.

Please direct your questions to:

Office of the President

Executive Assistant to the Board

Phone: 509-335-4200

Substitute House Bill 2313 amended RCW 28.B.20.105 to provide for public comment at each meeting of the Board