Regents’ Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Reflect the Caliber of a WSU Education

The Regents’ Distinguished Alumni Award, first presented in 1962, is the highest honor bestowed upon a Washington State University alumni.  The Regents’ Distinguished Alumni Award honors alumni who have made a truly distinguished contribution to society or who, through personal achievement, have brought distinction to Washington State University.   

The RDAA recognizes and celebrates select WSU alumni for their achievements with the highest level of distinction from the WSU system. This award program is a collaborative effort of the WSU President’s Office, the Board of Regents, and the WSU Alumni Association (WSUAA). 

Please use the link below to nominate a worthy candidate. Attach a letter of nomination, the nominee’s vita or biosketch, and supporting documents such as copies of articles, media stories, or supporting comments from others. Ideally, candidates will be a past WSUAA Alumni Achievement Award recipient.

The award committee evaluates nominations and sends their recommendation(s) to the President who subsequently makes a recommendation to the Regents for final approval. One recipient will be selected annually. Each submitted nomination remains under consideration for three years. If the nominee is not selected, the application packet may be resubmitted once three years have elapsed. Additional supporting documentation may be added while the nomination is active. 

Nominees should not be notified of their nomination, and all nominations will be held in strict confidentially, except to the extent disclosure would be required by law. Elected and appointed officials are ineligible for the Regents Distinguished Alumni Award while in their elected position.

The Regents Distinguished Alumni Award (RDAA) nominations will be open May 15-July 15, 2024.

Regents’ Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Form 

Questions? Contact the WSU Alumni Association , 509-335-6902

  • The first chemist to isolate Vitamin C
  • The father of the atomic submarine
  • The wheat breeder who sparked the Green Revolution
  • The founder of home economics extension in Japan
  • An astronaut aboard space shuttle Challenger II
  • The founding father of broadcast journalism
  • The creator of The Peter Principle
  • The founder of the modern school of isotope chemistry
  • The builder of San Francisco’s BART system
  • The greatest football center to ever play the game
  • The co-developer of the Rh blood factor test
  • The creative cartoonist of The Far Side


A nomination for the Regents’ Distinguished Alumni Award can be submitted online.