General Powers

The Washington State University Board of Regents functions under the Revised Code of Washington. The following is condensed from RCW 28B.30.

The Regents of Washington State University, in addition to other duties prescribed by law, shall:

Have full control of the University and its property of various kinds.

Employ the President of the University.

Establish entrance requirements for students seeking admission to the University.

Establish such colleges, schools, or departments necessary to carry out the purpose of the University.

With the assistance of the faculty of the University, prescribe the courses of instruction in the various colleges, schools, and departments of the institution and publish the necessary catalogues.

Subject to the approval of the Higher Education Coordinating Board, pursuant to RCW 28B.80.340, offer new degree programs, offer off-campus programs, participate in consortia or centers, contract for off-campus educational programs, and purchase or lease major off-campus facilities.

Grant to students such certificates or degrees, as recommended for such students by the faculty.

Confer honorary degrees upon persons other than graduates of the University in recognition of their learning or devotion to literature, art, or science when recommended by the faculty, provided that no degree shall ever be conferred in consideration of the payment of money or the giving of property of whatsoever kind.

Adopt plans and specifications for University buildings and facilities or improvements thereto.

Direct the disposition of all money appropriated to or belonging to the University.

Accept such gifts, grants, conveyances, devises, and bequests, whether real or personal property, in trust or otherwise, for the use or benefit of the University.

(Additional duties are listed in RCW 28B.30.150.)