September 4, 2009

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 9:00 a.m., on Friday, September 4, 2009, at the Compton Union Building, Room 201, Pullman, Washington.  

Present:  Regent Michael Worthy, Chair; Regents Theodor Baseler, Scott Carson, Harold Cochran, Elizabeth Cowles, Francois X. Forgette, Laura Jennings, Connie Niva, V. Rafael Stone, and Kasey Webster; President Elson S. Floyd, and Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Regents Christine Hoyt. 

1. Report from the Chair of the Board of Regents. Regent Worthy welcomed everyone to the first Board Meeting for the academic year.  He also introduced Student Regent Kasey Webster; Faculty Senate Chair Michael Swan; Administrative Professional Advisory Council Chair Connie Sakomoto; ASWSU President Derick En’Wezoh; and Alumni Association Board of Directors Chair Rob Ellsworth.

Regent Worthy also commented that there is much going on in the next few weeks, including a full slate of meetings and events during “WSU in Seattle,” scheduled for next week, as well as many exciting fall sporting events. 

2. Report from the President of the University.  President Elson S. Floyd reported that this academic year is full of opportunities, as well as challenges.  He said that the opportunities outweigh the challenges as a direct result of Regents’ stewardship and leadership.  He said also that he has the privilege of working with an incredibly visionary and motivated group of leaders. He stated that three new deans will be joining WSU’s ranks: Larry Pintak, Dean of the College of Communication; Bill Campbell, Dean of the College of Pharmacy; and Phyllis Erdman, who has agreed to serve as Interim Dean of the College of Education.  He added that WSU’s faculty is among the best in the nation, and that fifty new members have joined WSU’s faculty this year. He said that they had a very robust and informative orientation and commended the Deans, the Provost, and others for bringing in a world class group of new faculty members to add to the world class group of faculty that are currently in place. Dr. Floyd indicated that there is no doubt that WSU is well positioned both from the teaching perspective, as well as with its research initiatives. He also stated that WSU students are smart, hardworking and deeply devoted to Washington State University and that they serve a vital role in everything we do. He noted that, for example, our student government leadership is among the best in the nation and that they received a commendation from the accrediting organization regarding the student leadership that we have in place.  He said, also, that our vice presidents are doing a marvelous job leading their respective areas of the institution under incredibly difficult circumstances, and he provided special recognition to the staff of WSU.  He said even with the difficulty associated with reducing the budget by $54 million over the next two years, we have a deeply committed and dedicated group of professionals around us and he thanked them for their contributions to the institution and what they do on our collective behalf each and every day.  

President Floyd further reported that we have just opened our first residence hall in thirty years, with an occupancy of 230 students. He said that it is a fabulous facility and hopes that the Regents will have an opportunity to tour the hall in the near future. He thanked Vice President Royer and his staff for staying on target with an impossible construction schedule. He also said that we have a new Biosciences Building which is now open, that the Regents will have an opportunity to dedicate and tour that building in October, and that it is one of the finest research facilities in the country.  He said that the Nursing building is now operational and that there is a full group of nursing students and others utilizing that building. He said it serves as a significant anchor for WSU’s presence in Spokane, an important community for WSU to embrace.  He said that the Chancellors shared their vision for their respective campuses and that we will continue to work on those and get back to the Regents at a future date.  

President Floyd indicated that the most specific challenge WSU faces is the budget and to make sure we do all we possibly can to continue to reconcile and advance our university with declining resources coming from the state. He added that at some point we need to decide on – as a Board and as an institution – the following questions:  How does Washington State University look in the 21st Century as a land-grant institution? Do we continue the same mark? Do we explore new models and new opportunities associated with our institution?  How do we continue to maintain the quality of not only academic programs but the students that are coming into our institution? How do we measure all of these things within an environment which we need to be mindful of every cost issue deeply committed to affordability for our students? He said these are some of the challenges, but he is confident that the Board of Regents has assembled a leadership team that will be prepared to tackle the challenges and celebrate the opportunities that we have in place.  

3. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the minutes of May 7, 2009.  Carried.

4. Reports from University Groups.  Representatives from each of the university groups reviewed their reports.  GPSA President Jason McConnell was unable to attend due to illness. Vice President Wilson-Hale reported for the Foundation Board of Governors’ Chair, Bob Felton who was also unable to attend. (Individual written reports may be found on-line at the Board of Regents website or requested from the President’s Office.)

5. Academic and Student Affairs Committee Report.  Regent Harold Cochran reported that the Academic and Student Affairs Committee had reviewed and were presented with vision statements from each of the chancellors and that they look forward to continued discussions with them. He also reported that they had received enrollment reports from Vice Presidents Fraire and Grimes, that Vice President Tate provided an overview of the different areas where WSU students are contributing to WSU and the Pullman community, and that Provost Bayly provided a summary on the WSU’s accreditation. He added that the Program in Health Sciences has changed its name to the Program in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and that the Program in Materials Sciences has changes its name to the Program in Materials Science and Engineering.  Lastly, he reported that the Board reviewed the actions items on extending the Master of Accounting to WSU Vancouver and also revisions to the Faculty Manual

The Board took action on the following:

Extend Master of Accounting to WSU Vancouver. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve to extend the Master of Accounting to WSU Vancouver, effective Fall 2009.  Carried.

Faculty Manual Revisions. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the revisions to the Faculty Manual outlined in Exhibit A.  Carried.

6. External Affairs Committee Report.  Regent Ted Baseler reported that the committee received a report from President Floyd and Director of Institutional Research Cathy Fulkerson on WSU’s Key Benchmarks, which is a way to measure WSU’s performance as a leading, land-grant research university.  He said that Vice President Gardner reported on International Programs, including key strategies to champion the global culture, help influence the curricula, to serve as the central clearinghouse of global activity, and to assist faculty, staff and students in becoming globally engaged citizens. He also indicated that Vice President Wilson-Hale provided an update on the Campaign and a progress report, and she also discussed the University Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, which is a statute relating to the management of funds held by non-profit organizations concerning Title 24 of the Revised Code of Washington.  He also indicated that Athletic Director Jim Sterk provided an update on Athletics and that they discussed the future action of the 2010 Supplemental Budget Request that the Regents will vote on at the next meeting.

7. Finance and Audit Committee Report.  Regent Scott Carson reported that the committee received an update on the Operating Budget Allocations for Fiscal Year 2010.  He also said that they reviewed future actions that will be coming before the Board that include: a revised schematic design on the School for Global Animal Health Building, Phase I; the selection of a general contractor/construction manager for the Veterinary Medical Research Building; and an approval of a Building Fee Revenue Bond Resolution to authorize the issuance and sale of bonds to finance construction of the Vancouver Applied Technology Classroom, Veterinary Medicine Research Building, and the Global Animal Health Building.  He also reviewed each action item before Board approval.

The Board took action on the following:

WSU Spokane Riverpoint Campus, Biomedical and Health Sciences Building, Phase I, Consultant Selection. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents delegate authority to the President or his designee, to approve the selection of the consulting firm that will provide planning and design services for WSU Spokane Riverpoint Campus Biomedical and Health Sciences Building, Phase 1, and grant permission to proceed provided costs are within funds available.  Carried.

Recommendation to Adopt Amendments to WAC Chapter 504-50 Small Works Roster. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents adopt the proposed amendments to the Small Works Roster WAC, Chapter 504, for Washington as outlined in Exhibit B.  Carried.

WSU Pullman, Student Recreation Center (SRC) Refunding Bond Resolution.  It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve a Student Recreation Center Refunding Bond Resolution to authorize the issuance and sale of bonds to refinance the University’s outstanding Recreation Center Revenue Bonds outlined in Exhibit C.  Carried.

8. Adjournment.  The Board of Regents meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Approved by the Board of Regents at its meeting held October 9, 2009, at the Nursing Building, Room 205, WSU Spokane Riverpoint Campus, Spokane, Washington.