September 21, 2000

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 3:00 p.m., on Thursday, September 21, 2000, in the Lewis Alumni Centre, Pullman.

Present: Regent Kenneth Alhadeff, President; Regents Robert D. Fukai, Peter J. Goldmark, Joe King, William D. Marler, Matthew Moore, and Rafael Stone; President V. Lane Rawlins, Interim Provost Ron Hopkins, Vice President for Business Affairs Gregory P. Royer, Interim Vice President for Advancement Sally P. Savage, Interim Vice President for Extended University Affairs Muriel Oaks, Senior Assistant Attorney General Antoinette Ursich, Faculty Senate Chair Fran McSweeney, GPSA President Steve Kuehn, ASWSU President Steve Wymer, and Alumni Association President Frank Krook.

Also present were: Executive Budget Director Karl Boehmke, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Douglas Baker, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Jim Rimpau, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs George Bettas, Associate Vice President for Administration and Assistant to the President for Human Relations and Diversity Ernestine Madison, Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs Glenn Ford, Dean of the Graduate School Karen DePauw, Director of Statewide Affairs Larry Ganders, Director of Facilities Development Jerry Schlatter, and Assistant Director of News and Information Services Sue Hinz.

1. Opening Remarks. Regent Alhadeff opened the meeting and provided welcoming remarks. He said that he had met with 25 students of color earlier in the day to address some of the recent concerns regarding racism and diversity. He mentioned that President Rawlins was in the process of appointing a commission with action items to be implemented. He also noted that the Regents acknowledge the realities of university life, but are hopeful that WSU can continue to be a safe and wonderful place.

President Rawlins provided welcoming remarks, as well, and noted that this was his first meeting on the Pullman campus. He recognized retiring Associate Vice President for Administration and Assistant to the President for Human Relations and Diversity Ernestine Madison and thanked her for her commitment to the University. He also introduced Associate Vice Provost for Human Relations and Diversity Felicia Gaskins, Associate Dean of Sciences V.S. “Mano” Manoranjan, Chair of Anthropology William Andrefsky, Jr., Chair of Biological Systems Engineering Denny Davis, Chair of Veterinary Clinical Sciences Richard DeBowes, Chair of Teaching and Learning Ed Helmstetter, Chair of Fine Arts Paul Lee, and Chair of Human Development Gary Peterson.

2. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the minutes of the meeting of July 12, 2000. Carried.

3. Reports from University Groups. The reports from the University Groups are attached as Exhibit A.

Faculty Senate Chair Fran McSweeney reviewed her report as submitted to the Board. She added that the Faculty Senate officers had met with Board of Regents President Ken Alhadeff recently, and she thanked the Regents for their support.

GPSA President Steve Kuehn reviewed his report as submitted to the Board.

ASWSU President Steve Wymer reviewed his report as submitted to the Board. He also mentioned that the climate is tense on campus because of issues such as student safety, student conduct, and alcohol problems. In reference to a recent incident on Greek Row, he noted that a statement about campus climate could have been made earlier which might have helped to defray tension on campus. Mr. Wymer also introduced the new ASWSU Director of Minority Affairs Anita Afzali.

Alumni Association President Frank Krook reviewed his report as submitted to the Board. He added that there was an event held in connection with the Utah game that was a tremendous success.

4. Report from Interim Vice President for University Advancement. Interim Vice President for University Advancement Sally Savage reported that Homecoming would be held in conjunction with the Foundation and Regents’ meetings. She welcomed feedback from the Regents about holding these events simultaneously.

Ms. Savage provided a brief report concerning the University’s Integrated Marketing Initiative. She said that Educational Marketing Group had interviewed or met with all members of the Board, visited the campuses, and had gathered detailed budget information from the University. She stated that they are now in the process of analyzing the data and preparing a report for President Rawlins. She added that Educational Marketing Group would then visit the Pullman campus to meet with the President, Vice Presidents, and Deans to discuss development of a positioning platform. Ms. Savage said that she would report further on this at the November Regents’ meeting.

Ms. Savage reported that there have been many meetings on the new logo project, which have provided input from diverse groups on campus that will help determine the final samples to be delivered to President Rawlins in the near future.

5. 2001 Supplemental Budget Request. Regent Alhadeff reported that the Executive, Planning, and Budget Committee had met and received updates on the budget, enrollment, and capital plans.

It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the attached 2001 Supplemental Budget Request (Attached as Exhibit B). Carried.

6. Change in Regents’ Bylaws. This action item was tabled and will be brought forward again at the November 17 Regents’ Meeting.

7. Academic and Faculty Affairs Committee. Regent Joe King reported that the Committee discussed a change in the Faculty Manual, enrollment management and planning, summer session fees, a change of the name of the WSU College of Nursing to the Intercollegiate College of Nursing, and the concurrent JD/MBA degree program with the University of Idaho. Also discussed was the issue of academic excellence, which will be further discussed at the November Committee meeting. Regarding enrollment management and planning, Interim Provost Hopkins called upon Vice Provost Jim Rimpau to provide a brief report. Dr. Rimpau provided Fall 2000 enrollment statistics along with comparative data from Fall 1999 (attached as Exhibit C). He said that they would be looking specifically at attrition rates, as they are somewhat high, and mentioned that WSU would need to have a goal of approximately 300 more students in the coming year. He added that the Pullman campus enrollment numbers on the front page are a positive change, but that WSU overall is still below the contract rate since that rate had increased.

Regent King mentioned that the waiver program is working and will continue to improve. He also expressed his disappointment at not meeting the contract numbers for this year, but said that this will be the highest priority in the upcoming year.

8. Change in Faculty Manual on Use of Facilities. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the editorial change (attached as Exhibit D) to the Faculty Manual on Use of Facilities, effective immediately. Carried.

9. Student Affairs Committee. Regent Bill Marler reported that the original items on their agenda had been tabled in order for the Committee to deal with the issues surrounding the past few weeks on campus. He stated that they had talked about the specific incident that occurred and the students’ perceptions of that incident. He said there was also a general discussion about campus climate and some other specific issues beyond that particular incident, which galvanized long-simmering concerns. He added that there were some specific solutions addressed. As a Committee, Regent Marler pointed out that their role is to monitor the administration’s response to this situation, and he expressed his satisfaction with the initiatives taken.

Regent Marler said that with regard to the College Hill Initiatives, they are working on some safety issues as well as obtaining input from Sorority and Fraternity members.

Regent Marler noted that the Alcohol Policy Document is complete and has been given to Provost Hopkins for his review. Regent Marler also gave a brief update on the Student Recreation Center and the Sports Pass Issue.

Regent Marler asked Senior Assistant Attorney General Toni Ursich to review the issue surrounding Napster (a user-to-user software program on an Internet site that allows downloading of copyrighted materials). Ms. Ursich stated that the University had received a letter from an attorney for a popular music group asking that access to Napster be banned from the University’s Internet server. Ms. Ursich reviewed this issue with the Regents and stated that the University would not ban Napster, as the University acts as an Internet service provider but does not monitor the service itself. There was a general discussion about the approach being taken by other universities in terms of liability and technical capabilities. Additionally, Ms. Ursich emphasized that although Napster would not be banned, it did not mean that the University condones students or staff to download copyrighted materials. Regent Marler voiced his agreement with Ms. Ursich’s assessment of the situation and reemphasized that the University does not encourage downloading of copyrighted materials.

10. Health and Wellness Services Fee. Provost Hopkins mentioned that the accreditation report sent to the Student Affairs Committee was done by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. Their report stated that Health and Wellness deals well with the rights of patients, that the physicians are highly qualified, and that the management of services is good. He also said that 250 surveys were distributed regarding Health and Wellness Services, with 200 being returned. He noted that these were positive overall.

Mr. Wymer added that he had discussed the Health and Wellness Services Fee increase with Regent Moore and Director of Health and Wellness Services Dr. Bruce Wright, and they felt an increase in the fee was needed to maintain quality. He said that there needs to be a mechanism for students to be able to charge prescription drugs to a student account. Regent Moore mentioned that several people had expressed complaints about the increase, but that the majority feels it is a logical and reasonable increase.

It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve an increase in the mandatory fee that supports Health and Wellness Services. The increase will be $3.00 in January, 2001 and additional $3.00 in January, 2002. Carried.

11. Report from Interim Vice President for Extended University Affairs. Interim Vice President for Extended University Affairs Muriel Oaks reported that the Extended Degree Program enrollments are up due to new programs, as well as recruitment and marketing. She said that the impact of learning centers on the growth of programs is being seen through the increased enrollments in the learning center communities. She noted that many of the new learning center coordinators were hired with the expectation of recruiting and that as the cooperative extensions get more involved, enrollments should increase further.

12. Business Affairs Committee. Regent Rafael Stone reported that at the last Business Affairs Committee meeting they had reviewed the status of several Capital projects, had discussed guidelines for determining responsible contractor, had reviewed two action items for the Regents’ meeting, and had discussed Real Estate issues. Regent Stone reviewed the Capital projects and in regard to the responsible bidder issue, he stated that one of the Committee’s concerns is how to determine the definition of a responsible bidder. He said that the Committee is working to establish some guidelines that would enable WSU to retain more control with respect to responsible bidders.

13. Report from Vice President for Business Affairs. Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that there is a parking study being done involving leadership from faculty, students, staff, and union representatives. He noted that this study is a result of the Regents’ interest in how fees are set. He said that a status report would be given at the November Business Affairs Committee meeting.

Mr. Royer stated that the rededication of Thompson Hall was scheduled for Saturday and that the renovation is one of WSU’s success stories. He said that WSU could be proud of the wonderful job done on the $11.7 million renovation of the 104 year-old building.

Mr. Royer reported that White Hall will house the WSU Honors Program and that the renovation is progressing. He also pointed out that a historic preservation committee reviewed the exterior changes.

Mr. Royer said that the Teaching and Learning Center project is on time and that the parking structure portion of the project is virtually complete. He stated that the Health Sciences project in Spokane is on time and under budget. He noted that there are many exciting developments occurring, and with $240 million in projects, WSU is doing well with the breadth and scope of these ventures.

14. Completion of Contracts (over $2,500). Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that based upon the authority delegated at the meeting of June 24, 1994, he had approved satisfactory completion of the following contracts:

Garco Construction for the Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility – Phase II in the final amount of $9,612,713.

Lydig Construction for the WSU Incinerator in the final amount of $1,784,342.

RRACO, Inc., for the Smith Hall – Partition Room 112 and Cover Patio in the final amount of $376,857.

Schindler Elevator Corporation for the Elevator Modernization of Hulbert Hall in the final amount of $253,819.

StoneRidge Development Corporation for the Kruegel/McAllister Hall Remodel of the Central Building and First through Third Floors in the final amount of $166,634.

3-H Mechanical, Inc., for the Stack Replacement on Boiler #8 in the final amount of $166,204.

PBI Construction, Inc., for the New Gravel Storage Building at the Markley Services Complex in the final amount of $165,348.

PBI Construction for the Radiology Treatment Room in the Veterinary Medicine Building in the final amount of $94,153.

15. Contract under Previous Delegation of Authority (over $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that based upon the authority delegated to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, at the meeting of February 17, 2000, he had entered into the following contract:

AAPEX Construction Inc., dba Adairco Construction, Inc., for the East Campus Infrastructure, Road Improvements and Site Development in the final amount of $1,102,362, to be paid from the 1999-2001 State Building Construction Account.

16. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (under $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that based upon the authority delegated to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, at the meeting of January 24, 1986, he had entered into the following contracts:

RRACO, Inc., for the Construction of the Todd Hall Computer Teaching Lab/Classroom in the final amount of $298,032, to be paid from 99-01 Minor Capital Improvement (MCI).

Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc., for the Parking Lot Reconstruction of Chief Joseph Apartments in the final amount of $265,873, to be paid from 99-01 Housing Department Funds.

Bartells Materials Management, Inc., for the Warehouse Demolition of Buildings 4, 6, 7, and 9/10 of Riverpoint Higher Ed Park in the final amount of $234,586, to be paid from 99-01 Minor Capital Improvement (MCI).

Ramey Construction, Inc., for the Completion of WSU Veterans Memorial-Phase II in the total amount of $118,985, to be paid from 99-01 WSU Foundation funds and 99-01 Minor Capital Improvement (MCI).

Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc., for the Repair, Reconstruction, and Resurfacing of parking lots and roadways in the final amount of $91,458, to be paid from 99-01 Parking Department funds and 99-01 Minor Capital Renewal (MCR).

Duracon, Inc., for the Rogers-Orton Play Field fence in the final amount of $65,148, to be paid from 99-01 Student and Activities Funds (S&A).

17. Wastewater Treatment Plant Agreement Relating to Proration of Capital and Operating Costs. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the Wastewater Treatment Plant Agreement relating to proration of Capital and Operating costs and delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to sign this agreement within the funds allocated in the listed budgets. Carried.

18. Approval of Construction Documents and Delegation of Authority to Advertise for Bids and Award a Construction Contract (McCroskey Hall Renovation). Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer stated that construction on this renovation project is anticipated to begin in the winter of 2000 with completion in summer of 2001.

It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve construction documents and delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to advertise for bids and award a construction contract for the McCroskey Hall Renovation project, if costs are within funds available. Carried.

19. Veterinary Teaching Hospital Equipment Maintenance Agreement. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Equipment Maintenance Agreement and delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to sign agreement. Carried.

20. President’s Report. President Rawlins addressed the recent issues and concerns that have dominated the campus in the past weeks and said that it is touching to see how much people care about the Community. He stated that ways must be found to solve problems without violence, and that those who resort to violence, racially motivated or not, have no place at WSU. He said that we must review the processes that will provide safety and, in turn, provide better education and that we should never forget that this is a country where process was once ignored, but ignoring processes was more detrimental to minority races and religions than anything else. He commented that he could never be happy when an event like this happens but he knows WSU can make something good come of this and that he felt it was better that it happened during the first week of the year, because it informed him about many important issues and helped him to realize that there is fear and misunderstanding out there.

President Rawlins reported that he had asked Milton Lang, Director of Student Recruitment and Retention for the College of Education, to form a “Council on Campus Climate” comprised of faculty, staff, and students to find ways to improve WSU’s environment. He mentioned that he is happy to be at WSU and is excited about the beautiful facilities being built, WSU’s plan for academic excellence, and the fine education offered to students in a caring community. He agreed that bad things happen, but not without the pain being felt by the caring people in this community. He expressed the fact that he and the Board of Regents feel pain because all is not right with this place that they care for deeply.

President Rawlins pointed out that he works for the Board of Regents and works with the faculty and staff, but the reason he is here is for the students. He mentioned that he had the opportunity to address the University Community recently and wanted to share the following excerpt from that address:

These are not the best times for Washington State University but neither are they the worst. It is time for us to apply our best thoughts and muster the courage to do what we already know is right. Why not move this place, our place that we love and that has been such a part of our lives, to the next level? Why not seek eminence? As Balthazar Gracian wrote centuries ago, “Eminence at some lofty pursuit redeems us from ordinary vulgarity, raising us to the exceptional.” Jousting with windmills does not attain Eminence. Rather, it requires solid planning, commitment and teamwork, and the careful management of every decision every day. I hope that can become our collective vision.

Regent Alhadeff expressed his appreciation for President Rawlins’ commitment to diversity.

At 4:25 p.m., the Regents’ Meeting adjourned.