October 24, 2003

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 9:05 a.m., on Friday, October 24, 2003, in Lighty Student Services Room 405, Pullman, Washington.

Present: Regent William D. Marler, President; Regents, Elizabeth Cowles, Angela S. Cox, Peter J. Goldmark, Steven Hill via phone, Joe King, Christopher J. Marr, Connie Niva, and V. Raphael Stone; President V. Lane Rawlins, Provost Robert C. Bates, Interim Vice President for Business Affairs Glenn Ford, Vice President for University Relations Sally P. Savage, Vice President for Student Affairs Charlene Jaeger, Vice President for Information Systems Mary Doyle, Vice President for Development Richard Frisch, Senior Assistant Attorney General Antoinette Ursich, Faculty Senate Chair Ron Brosemer, GPSA President Lisa Williams, ASWSU President Jesse Aspuria, Alumni Association President Lori Dankers, Chancellor of WSU Vancouver Hal Dengerink, Chancellor of WSU Tri-Cities Larry James, and Interim Chancellor of WSU Spokane Rom Markin.

1. Opening Remarks. Regent Marler welcomed everyone and also asked Provost Bates to introduce Professor Sue Clark Westinghouse Distinguished Professor of Chemistry along with a couple of her students. They provided comments on their research project and student involvement in research.

2. President of the University. President Rawlins welcomed everyone to the Pullman and took a moment to introduce the recent university appointments; W. Glenn Ford, Interim Vice President for Business Affairs; Julia Pomerenk, University Registrar; and Chris Bruce, Director for the Museum of Art.

3. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the minutes of the September 19, 2003 meeting. Carried.

4. Reports from University Groups.

Alumni Association President Lorie Dankers reviewed her report as submitted to the Board. She reported on the two individuals who were recently honored for the Alumni Achievement Award. She also reported that the Alumni Association has renewed its focus on enhancing and expanding programs to alumni and friends of WSU. She added that they are continuing to provide opportunities for participation with the University and will continue to sponsor events nationwide to serve the university community and that they are committed to the development of new opportunities that will serve as a catalyst for engaging a broader base of alumni and friends.

Faculty Senate Chair Ronald Brosemer reviewed his report as submitted to the Board. The academic program review is going to be revisited and modified so that the academic reviews are easier to follow through on also will provide real information. The Student Academic Integrity Task Force has been set-up and will be working on that through the rest of the year.

GPSA President Lisa Williams reviewed her report as submitted to the Board. She specifically noted concerns in the reduction in health care benefits of the graduate students and asked for clarification of how the process works in order to fix the long-term problem. She also added that the graduate and professional students are working on a bill of rights process plan to forward to the Faculty Senate. She ended her report on the issue of visibility and voice. She added that the students have had a consistent concern that they are not informed on many decisions that effect them and hope that there can be a way to have direct contact with the people who make decisions.

There was discussion addressing the issues GPSA addressed and concluded that issues going to the Board need to come forward through the committee process. However, Regent Marler wanted be make it very clear that the Board table is open and inclusive and if there are issues, they can be brought to the table at the Board Meeting. President Rawlins agreed that GPSA should be included more in committee discussions and with the administration. Karl Boehmke also addressed the process of seeking an increase in graduate health insurance via a letter written rather than adding it to the supplemental budget. President Rawlins added that they are asking the Governor’s Office and OFM to treat employees and students the same. There were increased costs and the program needed to be resized to stay within the budget available. They are trying to find the least effected.

ASWSU President Jesse Aspuria reviewed his report as submitted to the Board. He thanked Regent Marr and Marler for visiting their Senate Meeting. He took a moment to introduce the recent appointments of the S&A Fee Committee, and the ASWSU Judicial Board. He also reported on the awards for outstanding achievement and leadership of students for their commitment in making a difference in the Greek Community. He also highlighted the completed projects of the WSU Children’s Center Evening Child Care Grant Proposal and on the upcoming projects of the ASWSU Student Recognition Board, the Multicultural Fundraiser Events and on the Readership Program. He mentioned that some of the issues currently concerning students are Diversity on Campus, ticket sales for students who hold Sport Passes, and the statewide effort to lobby. He also talked briefly on the President’s Commission that has been formed.

5. Executive Planning, Budget and Athletics Committee. Regent Marler reported that the committee discussed in great length the issues of diversity and campus climate on the University campus and they do agree that we all need to do a better job to communicate. He added that are committed to creating a more diverse student and faculty population, and that we need to work together. He added that the committee reviewed the supplemental budget request, the revisions to the Board of Regents Bylaws and the naming of Livestock Pavilion. He added that they heard an update on the System Implementation. The committee also discussed the upcoming joint meeting the University of Washington and the joint resolution that the two Boards will approve. He also mentioned the possibility of an initiative drive in 2004 and the potential funding of the educational trust fund that the Governor set up last year.

The Board took action on the following:
Supplemental Budget Request. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the recommended 2004 Supplemental Budget request to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) in accordance with its procedures, and that the Board delegates authority to the President to approve changes or adjustments that may need to be made before submission is finalized for presentation to OFM. Carried

Facilities Name Recommendation. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the recommendation of the Facilities Names Committee to name the Livestock Pavilion the M.E. and Audrey H. Ensimnger Agricultural Pavilion. Carried.

Board of Regents Bylaw Revisions. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the revisions to Board of Regents Bylaws. Carried.

6. Report from the Director of Athletics. Athletic Director Jim Sterk provided an update on football and a few other sports currently in the final stages of the season. He said the overall football program is 25-6 in the last three years. He noted some very positive statistics of the current football players who are setting records in the nation. He mentioned Volleyball, Soccer, Cross-country who are heavily into their season and Men’s basketball has begun their practices. At the next Board Meeting, he will provide some pictures and numbers on a potential upgrade of Martin Stadium. Students have purchased more sports passes and tickets than they have in the past. He also note the potential bowl possibilities. He also talked briefly about student athlete conduct and specifically regarding one incident that was in the newspapers. He said that student athlete’s fall under the same student affairs codes that apply to all students. Alcohol violations fall under the three-strike policy–probation, suspension and dismissal and in addition to that, student athletes also fall under additional sanctions from their coaches. He added that the Athletic Council, who is appointed by President Rawlins will be working more closely with their coaches to make sure there is common ground among all.

7. Reports from System Chancellors.

WSU Spokane Interim Chancellor Markin reported on the initiatives they have been working on as noted in the written report. He expressed that there’s a new appreciation among all and unbelievable cooperation among deans and department chairs. He attributes this new philosophy on the system integration. He says the culture is that of trust and integrity.

WSU Tri-Cities Chancellor Larry James highlighted some of the items in his report. He commented on the Poetry Reading scheduled on the Tri-Cities campus in November. He also reported that the Education Marketing Group held a series of focus group meetings with students, faculty, staff, and community leaders. The results from those focus groups were very insightful and they learned much about their students. He was pleased to know that for many students WSU Tri-Cities was their first choice and that they value the range of classes offered. He commented on the High Demand Enrollment Funds. Of the 10 FTE’s given for the BS in Nursing, they currently have 60 applications.

WSU Vancouver Chancellor Hal Dengerink highlighted several items from his report. WSU Vancouver received national recognition from the American Psychological Association as one of the top fifteen places to work in the United States. He also mentioned that the pedestrian pathway through the campus was completed and new paving and landscaping highlight the natural features of the campus and help define the campus plaza. He talked about the many events on the Vancouver campus including the dedication of a sculpture in honor of former professor Dr. Lori Irving, the 3rd annual WSU Vancouver Scholarship Recognition, a public lecture involving Jaime Escalante and Campus Convocation and Student BBQ.

8. Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs Committee. Regents Marr reported on discussions of action items that will take place in November. The Board will be asked to approve the name change for the College of Agriculture and Home Economics to the College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences. They will also be asked to change the name of Cooperative Extension to WSU Extension. Regent Marr said they also had a discussion on Community Service Learning. This discussion involved an overview of student learning and engagement, education for citizenship and ways that they are teaming with departments on campus and extension. The Committee also had a presentation from Mary Wack on Student Recognition through national scholarship programs. Examples of such programs include Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Goldwater Scholarships. They heard a status update for WSU including a history of award winners, with a list of faculty mentor contact. The development of more deliberate programs of advising and mentoring should help additional students receive these types of national recognition.

9. Report from the Provost and Academic Vice President. Provost Bates provided an update of the work plans for the year for the Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs Committee. The two initial topics for the work plan were faculty recognition and student recognition. They are currently in the process of reviewing all faculty recognition programs, ceremony awards, receptions and various ways to recognize the faculty effort. He also provided an report on diversifying the faculty and cluster hiring. Provost Bates noted the hiring of consultant to discuss enhancing multicultural education to the University. As it turned out, WSU has hired this consultant to be a new faculty member who will join the University in early 2004. They are now in the process of hiring a Jr. faculty member to join this faculty member.

10. Report from the Vice President for Student Affairs. Vice President Jaeger reported on two highlights of trust and respect initiatives in residence life. New internships have been established for residential education coordinators who are the live-in staff in the Halls. It exposes young professionals to work in other departments. This effort has improved communication among departments and also job sharing in collaborative projects and provides unique work experiences. As a result of these unique job descriptions they had a great national pool of applicants. The diverse group has potential to move and grow within the university system.

11. Business Affairs and Information Technology Committee. Regent Cowles reported on the follow-up discussion on security and disaster recovery. The Committee also heard a report on the Bookie Annual Financial Report. The Bookie is doing well financially. The Regents are the trustees for the trust that holds the stock on behalf of the students. Point of sale discount has been increased from 7% to 8%. The goal is to get up to 10%. When money is coming in, more rebates can go back to the students. They are increasing reserves also. She also reported on items that the Board will take action on at a future meeting relative to infrastructure and road improvements, selection of a general contractor for the College of Nursing Building in Spokane and designation of Civil Service Reform Negotiators.

The Board took action on the following:

Clark Hall, Life Safety Enhancements. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the safety enhancements for Clark Hall and delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to sign the public works contract. Carried.

Hilltop Stables. It was moved and seconded that Board of Regents delegate to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, the authority to sell Hilltop Stables, pursuant to the terms of the $2 million offer received, execute all documents necessary for the sale, and accept the proceeds on behalf of Washington State University. Carried.

12. Report from the Vice President for Business Affairs. Interim Vice President for Business Affairs Glenn Ford went over the action items that the Board approved as part of his report. He also thanks President Rawlins for his support and leadership and for giving him the opportunity to serve as Interim Vice President.

13. Report from the Vice President for Information Systems. Vice President Doyle reported that the Portal is in limited production. It is expected to be in full production the beginning of Spring Semester. They are adding features on a regular basis. She will provide a demonstration of the Portal to the Board at the January Board Meeting.

14. University Development and University Relations Committee. Regent Niva indicated that they received a gift report from July 1 to September 30, 2003 and total gifts to date are over 8.4 million compared to 8.3 million. She added that there are 3-5 major gifts pending. She added that there would be a challenge with the new data collection group called CAE, who has imposed different accounting standards. Dues will no longer be counted. This new accounting method will impact some alumni participation reports. She said that they are going to be exploring ways to utilize the change in a better way and restructure they way we do things. They also heard a report on the educational marketing groups influencer focus group meetings. The report confirms that we have made significant progress in student recruitment goals and it also indicates that we have work to do with reputation and brand. The influencer messaging campaign graphic identity will be a more sophisticated than the recruitment campaign. The influencer key messages are leading research, world-class faculty, challenging individual involvement, and premier student experience. The key to any campaign is visibility of the institution so that messaging campaign dovetails with the work of the Foundation and all needs to be tied together. She also reported on the meeting that WSU and UW along with lobbyists held together to discuss long term strategies for raising perceived value of higher education in research institutions in this state and to continue the Cougar/Husky campaign. Integrated marketing plans have started for WSU Tri-Cities and WSU Vancouver. She said the committee discussed their work plans under the areas of development and relations, review of vision, benchmarking for this area. She added that some issues would be brought to the full board because many of them are connected with other areas.

15. Report from the Vice President for Development. Vice President Frisch started off by thanking Regent Marler for his gift to International Christian University. He also reported on the Fall Trustee meeting and noted that the Principles of Operations document has been adopted. They are currently working on restructuring the governance of the Board of Trustees. The new structure would offer more flexibility; allow them to accomplish greater amounts of fundraising, and to have more focused and conscience management.

16. Report from the Vice President for University Relations. Vice President Savage reported that she will be holding a session on Integrated Marking for Board Members who need a recap and for those newer Regents who haven’t been involved when this campaign was initially launched at the November Meeting. She will review the fundamental principles of the program and discuss the new programs directions.

17. Other Business. Regents Marler commented on the positive dinner held with the Pullman City Council and Whitman county Commissioners. He added that there is opportunity for collaboration and dialogue. He would like to make sure they have access to the Board and that they are informed.

17. President’s Report. President Rawlins recognized the leadership of the Board and the staff. He said they have worked hard to focus the institution on academic excellence that is vital and important to all groups. He briefly highlighted the Regents Distinguished Alumnus Award Candidate Sherman Alexie who was on campus last week to receive the award.

At 12:05 p.m., the Regents meeting adjourned.

Approved by the Board of Regents at its meeting held in the
Cascade Ballroom II, The Westin Hotel, Seattle, Washington,
November 21, 2003.