November 21, 1997

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, November 21, 1997, in the U.S. Bank Building, 21st Floor Conference Room, Seattle.

Present: Richard R. Albrecht, President; Regents: Kenneth Alhadeff, Phyllis J. Campbell, Richard A. Davis, Peter J. Goldmark, Joe King, Scott B. Lukins, and Carmen Otero; President Samuel H. Smith, Provost Gretchen Bataille, Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie A. Giffen, Vice President for Extended University Affairs Thomas L. Purce, Vice President for University Advancement Connie Kravas, University Counsel Sally P. Savage, Acting Division Chief Jan Frickelton, Faculty Senate Chair David Stock, Staff Senate President Sandra Brabb, Alumni Association President Denny Jones, and ASWSU President Neil Walker.

Also present were: Vice Provost for Student Affairs K. J. ÒGusÓ Kravas, Vice Provost for Human Relations and Resources Ernestine Madison, Executive Director of Budget and Planning Gregory P. Royer, Director of Statewide Affairs Larry Ganders, Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs Ernest Renfro, Director of News and Information Services Barb Petura, and incoming Acting Division Chief Toni Ursich.

1. Welcoming Remarks and Introductions. President of the Board of Regents Richard Albrecht welcomed everyone to the meeting. President Smith also provided welcoming remarks and introduced Ms. Toni Ursich, incoming acting Division Chief for the Attorney GeneralÕs Office at WSU.

2. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the minutes of the meeting of October 17, 1997. Carried.

3. Reports by University Groups. Faculty Senate Chair David Stock reported that members of the Faculty Senate continues to work on revisions to the Faculty Manual, that they have approved the Extended Degree Program for Business Administration, that they are looking at additional programs for the Extended Degree Program, and that they are working on these programs through various committees.

Staff Senate President Sandra Brabb reported on proposed Staff Senate bylaw changes that will go before the Staff Senate at its next meeting. Ms. Brabb explained that the proposed changes result from a suit that was filed against WSU by the Washington State Federation of State Employees. Ms. Brabb reported that the Staff Senate Executive Council met with the union and reached an agreement that the union would appoint senators to the Staff Senate.

GPSA President Micki Archuleta was unable to be present at the RegentsÕ meeting due to travel difficulties. ASWSU President Neil Walker read Ms. ArchuletaÕs report to the Regents which focused on the following issues: approved funding criteria adopted by the GPSA senate for student organizations; accountability to GPSA by affiliated student groups in the form of an annual, itemized budget report; a request for income and expenses related to all outside entities that benefit from Services and Activities Fees; and an invitation to Associate Vice Provost Jane Sherman to give a presentation about the legislative accountability measures and how graduate and professional students might help to achieve the UniversityÕs goals in this area.

ASWSU President Neil Walker reported on a survey conducted by ASWSU with regard to parking and transportation issues on campus and recommended that if WSU continues to increase the numbers of students attending WSU, that parking issues be reexamined. He said a recently conducted survey shows that a majority of the students surveyed support paying up to $25 more per semester in addition to the purchase of a parking pass. In addition, Mr. Walker reported on the work be conducted on a student resolution supporting broader ranging issues to those provided to the Regents by the Student Coalition and work being conducted with a Faculty Senate committee concerning the Commencement exercises.

A short discussion concerning changes to the Commencement exercises ensued. President Smith provided a historical context for the discussion and explained that the one recommendation concerning WSUÕs Commencement exercises is that the University hold two large ceremonies for the students, rather than many separate college ceremonies, with receptions in the different colleges after the two main ceremonies. It was expressed that the students need to feel connected to the institution by being part of a traditional graduation ceremony and that, in addition, they need to have opportunities to meet with individual faculty members, department chairs, and other members of the University community. It is felt that this option would allow this to occur.

President of the Alumni Association Denny Jones discussed the work being done with the Alumni Association study groups. He said they are focusing on what the alumni can do to assist in the priorities of the University in terms of legislative issues and enrollment, for example. In addition, Mr. Jones reported that Alumni Endowment and the Executive Committee meetings would be held this afternoon, as well as a past PresidentsÕ reception. Mr. Jones also reported that as part of the upcoming Centennial Program, they had worked on a viewbook that had been produced with pictures taken by Mr. Paul Scofield, who is a photographer familiar with the Northwest and who also has a daughter as a student at WSU. Mr. Jones presented President Smith with the first book on behalf of the Alumni Association.

Regent Peter Goldmark commended the Alumni Association and Denny Jones for the great job they are doing.

4. Academic Affairs Report on Accountability. Provost Gretchen Bataille reported she had attended a forum on the University of Washington campus where the accountability measures were discussed with Provosts from around the State, members of the legislature, and also included individuals from both the academic and non-academic realms of education. Provost Bataille stated that the biggest concern about the accountability measures concerns measuring the quality of a higher education institution by increasing its numbers. She said they developed quality measures that will be more difficult to measure than numbers but that will have a greater impact than the numbers. She said they will continue to meet the goals attached to the measures having to do with numbers and will examine ways that the dollars received will help meet the goals, such as enhanced teaching support for students.

5. Academic Affairs Report on Diversity. Provost Bataille thanked the Regents for the quick response to the Student Coalition. She reported that last week, an administrative statement was provided in WSU Week and stated that we live in a community where we can disagree but that the dialogue must always remain at a high level. She said work is commencing on new initiatives, the deans and department chairs have responded positively to an academic enrichment program, and that they have also developed mini-grants for curriculum diversity available through Vice Provost for Human Relations and Resources Ernestine MadisonÕs office. In addition, Provost Bataille stated that a University-wide committee would be appointed with the assistance of other administrators to conduct an overall assessment of diversity and that this will assist all the groups in talking together, a broader assessment of diversity will be conducted, and diversity programs will be assessed.

6. Academic Affairs Report on Enrollment. Provost Gretchen Bataille reported that she had met with the deans regarding recruitment, passed out a recruitment packet developed by the College of Business and Economics, and showed a recruitment video entitled The Business Degree of Choice in the Pacific Northwest, which received a round of applause upon its conclusion.

7. Academic Affairs Committee Report. Regent Carmen Otero reported that the Academic Affairs committee had met and had discussed the accountability measures and the budget process. She noted that the Regents would like to be involved a little earlier in the budget process than they had been previously. In addition, the Committee discussed the action before the Regents concerning the statewide degree in business administration. She said the Committee supported taking action on this degree and recommended it for approval.

8. Establish a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. It was moved and seconded that, effective Spring Semester, 1998 the WSU Board of Regents approve the recommendation to establish a statewide Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Grays Harbor College, Peninsula College, Walla Walla Community College, and Skagit Valley College. Carried.

At 10:02 a.m., the Regents recessed for a short break and reconvened at 10:20 a.m.

9. Finance, Audit, and Capital Committee Report. Regent Dick Albrecht stated that the Finance, Audit, and Capital Committee had met and had reviewed some problematic construction projects, cash management issues, and the status of the proposed Recreation Center. With regard to the Recreation Center, he said they discussed alternative configurations for the Center and stated that at the January meeting, the Regents will be asked to approve an interfund loan designed to finance the building. He said he has asked the staff to put together a report on the building configuration as it exists and that this will be sent to the Regents in advance of the January meeting. Regent Albrecht stated that he feels that the project is being very well handed relative to the risk of financing and the design of building.

10. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (under $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen reported that on the authority delegated to the President of the University or his designee at the meeting of January 24, 1996, she has approved entering into contracts with the following:

Mike Coman Construction, Spokane, for College of Veterinary Medicine: Chemical Waste Collection Sites, for a total cost of $326,709, including sales tales tax, to be paid from 1995-97 WSU Building Account.

Klemo Construction, Post Falls, for a remodel of room 112 in Clark Hall for a cost of $122,439, including sales tax and contingency, to be paid from 1995-97 Minor Capital Renewal funds and 1997-99 Minor Capital Improvement funds.

Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc., Pullman, to resurface and repair parking lots and roadways in Chinook and Chief Joe, for a total cost of $114,982, to be paid from 1997-99 Housing and Dining Services department funds.

11. Completion of Contracts over $2,500. Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen reported that on the authority delegated to her at the meeting of June 24, 1994, she had approved satisfactory completion of the following contracts:

Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc., for the paving of four parking lots (Coliseum Lot #1, South Fairway Lot #2, Stephenson Tower Lot #3, and Grimes Way/Olympia Lot #4) in the final amount of $735,626.

Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc., for the reconstruction of Colorado Street to Flag Lane and Johnson Road at Stadium Way in the final amount of $423,176.

Mike Coman Construction, for the Knott Dairy Center milk tank replacement in the final amount of $168,864.

12. Report by the Vice President for Extended University Affairs. Vice President for Business Affairs Les Purce reported on the November 5 conference with the Kellogg Commission. He said the conference was a great success and that they reviewed issues regarding future ways to deliver education. He noted that WSU is considered to be in the forefront of technology and its use in educational delivery. In addition, Vice President Purce provided an update on the Golf Course. He said he has finished meeting with members of the University Community, that the next step is a community-wide meeting in Pullman, and that he will provide a recommendation at the January RegentsÕ meeting about the next step with regard to this issue. Vice President Purce also reported that in addition to the extended degree approved today, they are looking at three more extended degrees, as the market has shown a need in this area.

13. Report by the Vice President for University Advancement. Vice President for University Advancement Connie Kravas showed a video on an interactive delivery system utilized at WSU that was made possible by a $25,000 grant from Microsoft. In addition, Vice President Kravas noted that the gift report for the month of October shows a bottom line total of $8.2 million for gifts and grants to WSU. She stated that many new gifts are being developed at the college level.

14. Modification of Heald Endowments. Vice President Connie Kravas provided background to two endowments established by F.D. Heald and Nellie T. Heald. She stated that the two endowments were originally established for the purpose of undergraduate scholarships for Plant Pathology majors but that the current enrollment in Plant Pathology suggests it is appropriate to expand the uses of the funds, since the program focuses on graduate education, with a typical enrollment of 15-20 graduate students. Vice President Kravas stated that both endowments include a ÒChange of ConditionsÓ clause which gives the Regents authority to modify the uses of the monies if the income from the funds can no longer be usefully applied to this original purpose.

A short discussion ensued concerning the support by the family for this change, as well as ensuring that undergraduates are considered first, when applicable, and graduate students second, in order to preserve the intent of the endowment.

It was moved and seconded the WSU Board of Regents approve the modification of terms of the F.D. Heald and Nellie T. Heald Endowments as per the attached Resolutions in Exhibit A. Carried.

15. Planning Committee Report. Regent Peter Goldmark reported that the Planning Committee continued discussions on the shape of the University and the commitment to Washington State in the next decade. He said they also discussed enrollment levels and are trying to resolve this issue as we are approaching the next decade.

16. Executive Session. At 11:00 a.m., Regent Albrecht stated that the Board would convene in Executive Session for approximately 45 minutes to discuss pending litigation. He stated that the Regents would not take any action as a result of the Executive Session.

At 11:45 a.m., the Regents convened in Open Session and adjourned the meeting.