November 20, 1998

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, November 20, in Room 148 of the Phase I Building at Riverpoint Higher Education Park, Spokane.

Present: Peter J. Goldmark, Vice President; Regents: Richard R. Albrecht, Kenneth Alhadeff, Phyllis J. Campbell, Richard A. Davis, Robert D. Fukai, Joe King, William D. Marler, and Janelle Milodragovich; President Samuel H. Smith, Provost Gretchen Bataille, Vice President for Business Affairs Samuel Kindred, Vice President for Extended University Affairs Thomas L. Purce, Vice President for University Advancement Connie Kravas, University Counsel Sally P. Savage, Faculty Senate Chair Robert Greenberg, Alumni Association President Craig Gable, GPSA President Abraham Kannankeril, and ASWSU President Edward Prince.

Also present were: Executive Director of Budget and Planning Gregory P. Royer, Vice Provost for Research George Hedge, Assistant Vice President for University Relations Barbara Petura, Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs Ernest J. Renfro, Director of Federal Government Relations Beverly Lingle, Director of Statewide Affairs Larry Ganders, and ASWSU Vice President Steve Wymer.

1. Opening Remarks and Introductions. Regent Peter Goldmark opened the meeting and provided welcoming remarks. President Smith also welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced WSU Spokane Campus Executive Officer and Dean William Gray. Dean Gray introduced the following members of his staff: Barbara Chamberlin, Communications Manager; Forster Ndubisi, Professor and Director, Interdisciplinary Design Institute; Jon Schad, Plant Services Manager; Brian Schermer, Assistant Professor, Architecture/Landscape Architecture; Winsor Schmidt, Director, Health Policy Administration; Darlene Septelka, Assistant Professor, Construction Management; and JoAnn Thompson, Professor and Associate Dean.

2. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approved the minutes of the meeting of October 9, 1998. Carried.

3. Reports from University Groups. The reports from the University Groups are attached as Exhibit A.

In addition to the reports provided, Faculty Senate Chair Robert Greenberg indicated that the Faculty Senate has implemented a new system of electronic data distribution, which he said would speed up Òpaper flow.Ó He also expressed concerns regarding faculty pay raises and stated that young, successful faculty who are poised to assume leadership positions are the ones who are most likely to be hired by other institutions. He said he hopes that the legislature will be responsive to this issue. Regent Dick Davis asked what triggered the Faculty Senate Steering Committee to appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to review the General Education Program and Requirements. Dr. Greenberg responded that when the minutes from 1989 were reviewed, which is when the General Education proposal was passed, there was a provision that stated the program needed to be assessed on a regular basis. He said it had not, it is a large project, that the Academic Affairs Committee is very busy, so the Steering Committee had decided to appoint an Ad Hoc Committee. He said the Ad Hoc Committee has broad representation from all areas on campus and that the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee is an ex oficio member of the Ad Hoc Committee. Regent Davis said he would be interested in the results of the review.

Regent Albrecht asked about the 40 percent retire/rehire policy, and Dr. Greenberg indicated that this is policy that allows faculty to continue employment after retirement at 40 percent of their pay and that the Faculty Senate held a lively discussion on this topic with arguments both for and against this policy. Regent Davis wanted to know if a decision had been made relative to the policy, and Dr. Greenberg said it had been an information item only.

President Smith thanked the Faculty Senate for its recent hosting of the State of the University Address.

GPSA President Abraham Kannankeril had no additions to his report.

In addition to the ASWSU report already submitted, ASWSU Vice President Steve Wymer provided an update on the Recreation Center project. He said they have chosen a student board of directors and that Business Affairs Vice President Sam Kindred has implemented a national search for a director. Mr. Wymer said that the students involved are happy to see the ground broken and the site preparation begun. He said everything is going well and that the next time the Regents are in Pullman, he would be happy to show them the site.

Regent Dick Davis asked ASWSU President Ed Prince to provide some insight on their legislative priorities besides tuition and financial aid. Mr. Prince stated that they are working with the University of Washington regarding Services and Activities Fees, that WSU does not have any problems in this area, but that they are helping the University of Washington with some of their issues. He said they are also looking at the possibility of bringing in more vendors to the Compton Union Building to make various services more accessible and up to date for students.

Alumni Association President Craig Gable had no additions to his report.

4. Planning Committee Report. Regent Goldmark stated that the Planning Committee continued its discussions on the future of the university. He said they are using the report released by the 2020 Commission on the future of post-secondary education as a structure to manage and meet our goals by that time and to help us determine where we will be in that year. He said the Committee discussed issues such as the nature of WSUÕs statewide presence, the possible sizes of its campuses, and what the structural requirements will be. Regent Goldmark said the Committe will continue its discussions and will report back to the Board in the future.

5. Academic Affairs Committee. Regent Alhadeff reported that the Academic Affairs Committee had discussed issues related alcohol and how it affects our students. They also discussed how we are preparing students and how they are performing in their academic lives, in general. He said they reviewed the current alcohol policies at WSU, their effectiveness, and whether or not we are appropriately enforcing these policies. Regent Alhadeff stressed that this is not only a WSU problem but that it is a problem for all people everywhere and of every sort. He said we have a responsibility to create an environment that is positive and that we will not give up on this issue. He stated that everyone is working very hard on this and that we are seeking action that is accountable and quantifiable. Regent Alhadeff stated that the Academic Affairs Committee also discussed accountability standards and that they will continue to see that we have realistic and effective measuring tools so that we can hold ourselves to a level of performance that we can track.

6. ProvostÕs Report. Provost Gretchen Bataille informed the Regents about a commitment statement by Presidents of Baccalaureate Institutions in Washington State regarding alcohol issues in higher education. She also provided an update on current searches and stated that Dyana Curreri will be as the new Director of the Art Museum beginning on December 15, that searches are underway for the deans of Engineering and Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, and the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management.

Provost Bataille further reported on the discussions on accountability measures that were being held by the Higher Education Coordinating (HEC) Board. She stated that it is WSUÕs view that all institutions must be accountable and that although we believe that the measures set last year had some problems, we are committed to working to establish realistic measures that allow us to set goals for improving the academic experience for students. She indicated that there is heightened interest in the state for setting realistic measures, especially with the 2020 Commission bringing attention to these issues, and that we will work with the HEC Board and the Legislature on these.

Provost Bataille further reported that enrollment for the fall is up, that efforts to sustain these gains are ongoing, that the Enrollment Management Committee continues to meet and has planned ScholarsÕ Receptions for the coming spring, that the PresidentÕs Task Force on Enrollment Planning is bringing in external experts from universities with successful programs, and that the Search Committee for the Vice Provost is networking with members of the Task Force to ensure that we ask the right questions and get the right person for the job.

Lastly, Provost Bataille reported that she had met with all the deans and vice provosts to review their budgets, hiring plans, and strategic plans. She announced that Deborah Carlson, who was an associate budget director in the Budget Office, has been transferred to the Office of the Provost, and that she has been instrumental in laying out how they will work with their budgets in the future.

Regent King asked whether or not WSU has met its benchmarks in recruiting for enrollment or when we would know if we had met them. He stated that we would need to know soon enough to be able to generate appropriate resources. Provost Bataille responded that the first sign in how we are doing has to do with how many inquiries we receive, that this is what is occurring right now, and that we are building this information. She stated that if the inquires start dropping, that is one clue that we may not be where we would want to be. She indicated that by January we will look at all the inquiries and applications and from that point, we will begin to generate weekly status reports.

7. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Sciences at WSU Vancouver. Provost Bataille reported that the natural resource sciences program at WSU Vancouver would be an extension of the undergraduate program on the WSU Pullman campus and that it would be delivered via on-site faculty at the WSU Vancouver campus and through distance learning technologies. She indicated that the program is expected to draw students who graduate from nearby community colleges and workers who need bachelorÕs degrees in order to advance their careers.

It was moved and seconded that, effective Spring Semester 1999, the WSU Board of Regents approve the recommendation to establish a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Sciences at WSU Vancouver. Carried.

8. College of Nursing/ICNE Presentation. Provost Bataille introduced the Dean of the WSU College of Nursing, Dorothy Detlor. Dr. Detlor highlighted the College of Nursing and the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education (ICNE). She stated that the college of Nursing is part of the ICNE, which is a consortium that was founded in 1968 based upon a need for baccalaureate nursing education in Spokane. She stated that in addition to WSU, the present consortium members are Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, and Whitworth College. She noted that WSU is the coordinator and fiscal manager for the consortium.

Dr. Detlor provided information about the College, including its various locations throughout the state, its mission, programs, the faculty and students, the curriculum, employment, and services. Dr. Detlor noted that graduates of our program score top in the licensing exam among all the programs in the state and the Pacific Northwest. She noted that our graduates are well recognized and do well in this state and throughout the country. She said there is an impending nursing shortage, so there is an acute need for nurses.

Dr. Detlor also highlighted the ICNE/CHAS (Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education/Community Health Association of Spokane) Clinic, which is one way in which the faculty fulfill their responsibilities toward the service component of the WSU mission. She stated that the ICNE/CHAS clinic provides special health care for children and families in transition, that it is located in the downtown YWCA, that it was designed by WSU Interdisciplinary Institute students, and that it is staffed by ICNE/College of Nursing faculty and students. She said this clinic has strong community support.

Dr. Detlor introduced the newly appointed Associate Dean for Research and Funded Projects, Dr. Mel Haberman. Dr. Haberman provided an overview of the research component of the ICNE/College of Nursing, which included: goals for ICNE/College of Nursing research; activities to strengthen scholarly activities of the faculty; potential areas for faculty programmatic research; and examples of current faculty research.

Drs. Detlor and Haberman showed a short videotape about the ICNE/CHAS ChildrenÕs Clinic Project.

Regent Alhadeff provided compliments on the magnificent job training and integrating people into the system and reaching out to the community in the low-income sector.

Regent Campbell stated that the interinstitutional cooperation demonstrated is remarkable and asked for Dr. Detlor to provide further comments on the demand for nursing courses in other areas of the state and how far along we are with the assessment of distance learning technology and being able to deliver nursing via distance education. Dr. Detlor stated that some of what needs to be done concerns development of classrooms in various areas. She said that as dollars are available for classroom development, we then look at the development of teaching in the distance education realm, so that we are not glued into the classroom. She stated that Grays Harbor, for example, is very anxious to have us in by next fall. Regent Campbell asked if a faculty member is needed to be located on sight, and Dr. Detlor indicated that this type of program needs to have some kind of faculty member at least half time in the community. Vice President Purce elaborated on Grays Harbor and stated that we have a request currently in the budget for a learning center at that sight. He stated that they are just completing their first WHETS classes, we have 19 education students there, and that in terms of nursing and criminal justice, this will be a key component for the Grays Harbor area.

9. Resolution on the Report of the 2020 Commission. Regent Goldmark brought forward Resolution #981120-56 proposed in support of the report on the future of post-secondary education recently released by the 2020 Commission. Regent Goldmark indicated that the Commission started its work last March, that it concluded three weeks ago, and that Regent Phyllis Campbell was a member of the Commission. Regent Goldmark read the Resolution as it appears below:

WHEREAS, the WSU Board of Regents has received the Report of the 2020 Commission on the Future of Post-Secondary Education; and

WHEREAS, the 2020 Commission Report stresses the importance of higher education to the state of Washington and calls for significant additional state funding; and

WHEREAS, the 2020 Commission Report provides for 15 specific recommendations needed to provide Washington residents in the year 2020 easy access to a broad array of Òworld-class education and technical training opportunities and a culture that honors learning, teaching and research more highly than beforeÓ; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Regents endorses the reportÕs conclusion that success depends upon building on the strengths of todayÕs post-secondary education system, maintaining our public commitment to educational opportunity for all, and preparing for a century in which high levels of learning will be required;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Regents of Washington State University strongly urges Governor Locke to utilize the 2020 Commission Report, take leadership on behalf of higher education in the state of Washington, and meet the significant challenges faced by the people of the state of Washington going into the 21st Century.

Regent Albrecht stated that implementation of the report will take a lot of leadership by both Governor Locke and the legislature and moved to incorporate the addition of the words Òand the legislatureÓ into the resolution.

It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve Resolution #981120-56 as it appears in Exhibit B and incorporating the amendment made by Regent Albrecht. Carried.

At 2:50 p.m., the Regents took a 20-minute break. The Regents reconvened in open session at 3:10 p.m.

10. Finance, Audit, and Capital (FAC) Committee Report. Regent Albrecht stated that the Finance, Audit, and Capital Committee had discussed the following items at its meeting yesterday:

á Intellectual Property. Vice Provost for Research George Hedge provided a report regarding intellectual property. Regent Albrecht stated that the University is reviewing its practices and procedures related to intellectual property for the University and the WSU Research Foundation and that we are expecting before the next meeting to have a comprehensive report based upon a consultantÕs report who have intellectual property experience with other universities.

á Endowment Fund Update. Regent Albrecht stated that the FAC Committee had met with Eric Johnson from Cambridge Associates who addressed the WSU Consolidated Endowment Fund Performance Review Report for the period of October 1, 1997, through November 2, 1998. He stated that the endowment fund had done very well, especially considering the performance in past years and that as of the end of October, our investments for the year were ahead by around 4 percent.

á Endowment Investment Policy Changes. Regent Albrecht reported that the endowment investment policy changes were reviewed, that these are minor changes in asset allocation targets, in the role of the Committee to oversee and monitor the investment of the Endowment Fund, the Expendable Gift Funds, the University Operating Funds, and the Charitable Remainder Trust and Gift Annuity Funds. He assured the Regents that these changes have been well reviewed by members of the Investment Committee and by the advisers who do a lot of work for other foundations.

á Budget Status Report. Regent Albrecht said that the FAC Committee reviewed the status of the capital budget for the upcoming legislative session and that they are encouraged so far but that of course it remains to be seen on how we will do on both the operating and the capital budgets.

á Student Recreation Center. Regent Albrecht said the FAC Committee considered the proposal to increase the Student Recreation Center Budget to include a third court in the upper gymnasium. He stated that after discussion and after having approached the entire project with a lot of concerns related to risk, they had decided that risk would be avoided wherever possible. He indicated that, therefore, a bid would be sought to consider this as an alternate but that it would be withdrawn as an action item on the agenda at this time. He stated that they are sympathetic to the desire for the extra court but that it could not be done without significant risk. He stated that when all the other bids were firmed up, they hoped to be able to do this.

á Capital Project Status Report. Regent Albrecht stated that there are no difficulties being experienced with current projects.

Regent Marler asked how the issue related to a third court had come up, and Regent Albrecht indicated that this came up through the students, that they were disappointed, and that the Regents had concerns. He remarked that the Regents did not just say no, they could not do this, but rather they said that we would wait to see how all the bids would come in, that if they were good, we might have reserves so that we may be able to add this later.

11. Report by the Vice President for Business Affairs. Vice President for Business Affairs Sam Kindred discussed how Business Affairs may be affected by Initiative 200. He discussed the issue of contracts with regard to minorities and women in business. He stated that there will be a change in the way they work in this regard, that they have a group that is working with the Attorney General, and that we still wish to convey that we still value our outreach in this area, and that we hope to have an outreach program with an opportunity to bid on our projects.

Vice President Kindred talked about the audit that was discussed at a previous FAC Committee and stated that we have put together a group to review inventory control procedures and processes.

Regent Alhadeff stated that President Smith and Provost Bataille had made some policy statements about I-200. He stated that we encourage all who do business with us to be sensitive to issues of diversity. He said legally you could no longer use women and minorities as judgment criteria and that he feels that contract awards will feel a direct impact by this initiative.

12. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (under $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Sam Kindred reported that on the authority delegated to the President of the University or his designee at the meeting of January 24, 1996, he has approved entering into contracts with the following:

Valley Furnace, Inc., Puyallup, to install a heating system and to do duct work in building 1016, for a total cost of $20,706, to be paid from 1997-99 Minor Capital Renewal funds.

13. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (over $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Sam Kindred reported that on the authority delegated to the President of the University or his designee at the meetings of June 28, 1996, and March 3, 1997, he had approved entering into contract with Garco Construction, Inc., for renovation of Bohler Gymnasium, for a total contract cost of $19,263,300, and Lydig Construction, Inc., for the WSU Incinerator Building, for a total project cost of $4,709,200.

14. Selection of Lydig Construction, Inc., as General Contractor/Construction Manager (CG/CM) for the Teaching and Learning Center. Vice President for Business Affairs Sam Kindred reported that on the authority delegated to the President of the University or his designee at the meeting of March 6, 1998, he had approved entering into a GC/CM contract with Lydig Construction, Inc., Spokane, for the Teaching and Learning Center, for the Fee and General Conditions price of $1,669,500, if a Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC) can be negotiated.

15. Completion of Contracts over $2,500. Vice President for Business Affairs Sam Kindred reported that on the authority delegated at the meeting of June 24, 1994, he had approved satisfactory completion of the following contracts:

Goodfellow Bros., Inc., Wenatchee, for 1998 campus infrastructure and road improvements, in the final amount of $2,573,765.

Mike Coman Construction, Spokane, for chemical waste collection sites at the Veterinary Science Complex, in the final amount of $343,748.

Twin City Electricians, Clarkston, for lighting improvements in parking lot #1 at Rogers/Orton Hall, in the final amount of $58,626.

16. Quarterly Report of Appointments of Architects and Engineers under Delegation of Authority. Per the authority delegated at the meeting of January 24, 1986, Vice President for Business Affairs Sam Kindred provided a report of the architect and engineering firms appointed as consultants through Facilities Development and the projects for which they were appointed for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 1997-98.

17. Creamery Annex Project. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve preliminary design documents and delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to approve construction documents, advertise for bids, and award a construction contract for the Creamery Annex project, if a budget can be established within the funds available. Carried.

18. Student Recreation Center. This action item was withdrawn from the agenda. See Regent AlbrechtÕs discussion under the Finance, Audit, and Capital Committee report.

19. Extension of Contract for Long Distance Services and Delegation of Authority to Sign Contract. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to proceed with the execution of all documents necessary to extend by one year WSUÕs contract with AT&T for long distance services. Carried.

20. Washington State University Regents/Foundation Endowment Committee Policies and Objectives Revisions. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve the revisions to the ÒStatement of Investment Policies and Objectives of the Regents and TrusteesÓ as appears in Exhibit C. Carried.

21. Report by the Vice President for Extended University Affairs. Vice President for Extended University Affairs Les Purce reported on partnerships. He stated that the community college presidents would be joining at Apple Cup this year, as well as today, meeting with a number of faculty and staff around issues related to WSU and of interest to the community colleges. Dr. Purce also provided information about the need to expand on the already existing partnerships that WSU, as a land grant institution, has founded within the state with county governments through cooperative extension. He said that state leaders currently hold the expectation that higher education institutions will engage in even broader partnerships within communities. He said WSU has grown in this area and has established the learning centers. He stated that four the seven learning centers are currently sited on community college campuses. Dr. Purce spoke about the WHETS system and how the branch campuses were founded with them. He said the true foundation is with the relationships we have with the community college system. He said this helps to ensure that a predictable number of students who attend those campuses now will transfer to WSU to increase the numbers related to overall enrollment.

Dr. Purce also discussed partnerships WSU has with other baccalaureate institutions, including Eastern and Central, and stated that relationships will be essential as we enter the 21st century and that they will be valuable in helping us to maximize our resources.

22. Vice President for University Advancement. Vice President for University Advancement Connie Kravas reported on four accomplishments. The first is that WSU license place number 9999 has been purchased, which is the last of a series. Secondly, she announced that former student-athlete and football player Ruben Mayes has returned to the Pullman to live and raise his family. She said he is working in Student Affairs with transfer students. She announced that he has been selected as one of two recipients of a national fellowship from Council on the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and that this gives him a special opportunity that will hold many great experiences. Thirdly, Dr. Kravas stated that on November 10, the weekly television program, True Colors, sponsored by KCTS and KOMO television, highlighted the Future Teachers of Color program, which is greatly supported by Regent Alhadeff. She said Regent Alhadeff appeared, that the program was electrifying, and that it has aired for a total of three times. Fourth, Dr. Kravas stated that donations and private grants are up from last year at this time.

23. Appointment of Treasurer. It was moved and seconded that Samuel L. Kindred be appointed to serve as Treasurer of the board of Regents and to serve in this capacity as long as he holds the position of Vice President for Business Affairs or another designee is appointed to this office. Carried.

24. WSU Board of Regents Bylaws. Regent Peter Goldmark reported that he and Regent Milodragovich had been in charge of this project since June. He stated that they were assisted by staff and were ready to recommend the final product to the Board.

Regent Alhadeff provided the following statement as an amendment to the proposed bylaws: ÒEach member of the Board of Regents serving a full six-year term shall be given the opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee.Ó

It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve the Bylaw document as it appears in Exhibit D and incorporating the amendment proposed by Regent Alhadeff. Carried.

At 3:55 p.m., the RegentsÕ meeting adjourned.

Approved by the Board of Regents at its

meeting held at the Lewis Alumni Centre,

Pullman, January 22, 1999.


Vice President, Board of Regents


Secretary, Board of Regents