November 19, 1999

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 9:05 a.m. on Friday, November 19, 1999, at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, Washington.

Present: Peter J. Goldmark, President; Regents: Richard R. Albrecht, Kenneth Alhadeff, Bernadett Buchanan, Phyllis Campbell, Richard A. Davis, Robert D. Fukai, Joe King, William Marler; President Samuel H. Smith, Provost Gretchen Bataille, Vice President for Business Affairs Gregory Royer, Vice President for Extended University Affairs Thomas L. Purce, Vice President for Administration Sally P. Savage, Faculty Senate Chair Peter Burke, Alumni Association President Shari Friedenrich, GPSA President Stephen Kuehn, and ASWSU President Steve Wymer.

Also present were: Budget Director Karl Boehmke, Director of Statewide Affairs Larry Ganders, Assistant Vice President for University Relations Barbara Petura, and Director of Institutional Research Jim Rimpau.

1. Opening and Introductions. Regent Peter Goldmark opened the meeting with a moment of silence to remember those involved in the tragedy at Texas A & M University. President Smith introduced the following individuals: Paul Gutierrez, Chair of King County WSU Cooperative Extension and Gary Ikeda, Deputy Attorney General.

2. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the minutes of the meeting of October 15, 1999. Carried.

3. Reports from University Groups. The reports from the University Groups are attached as Exhibit A.

Faculty Senate Chair Peter Burke reviewed his report as submitted to the Board and provided brief comments regarding faculty concerns on the potential impact of Initiative 695.

GPSA President Steve Kuehn reviewed his report as submitted.

ASWSU President Steve Wymer reviewed his report as submitted and added that he had been in touch with the student body president at Texas A & M and mentioned that two of the students killed in the tragedy served on his staff. He said they are going through a difficult time. Mr. Wymer also reported on the following:

· Continuing work with the branch campuses;

· Concerns relating to controversial students from the University of Washington who are members of the Washington Student Lobby and a resolution put forth by the ASWSU Senate to separate from the Washington Student Lobby; and

· The retirement of Bob Stephens, Associate Director of the Compton Union Building.

Lastly, Mr. Wymer thanked Vice President Sally Savage for her work with MEChA and its upcoming conference.

Regent Fukai brought up the issue about sports passes and asked why they were not mandatory, as he had been asked about this by some students at a recent football game. Mr. Wymer responded that the ASWSU Senate had recently passed a resolution on this issue that students pay a mandatory fee of $27 and that they hope this can be discussed at a future Board meeting.

Alumni Association President Shari Friedenrich reviewed her report as submitted and also noted that the Executive Board of the Alumni Association would meet this afternoon.

4. President’s Report. President Smith reported that there had been considerable progress on the funding of the Foley Institute. He noted that 1.5 million dollars had been placed in the federal budget already, that it was recently announced that 1.5 million has been added to it, that this has passed through the House of Representatives, and that it would go before the Senate this afternoon.

5. Presidential Search Update. Regent Goldmark provided an update on the Presidential Search. First, he provided information on outreach efforts with groups to consider attributes and qualities necessary in the next President. He stated that he had met with the Faculty Senate leadership on a previous trip to Pullman, and on October 28 he had met with the following: Pullman Chamber of Commerce Executive Board; President’s Office staff; Cooperative Extension Representatives; three Presidential Commission groups (Commission on the Status of Minorities; Individuals with Disabilities; and Women); student representatives; and the International Programs Advisory Council. He stated that he had also met with President Smith’s AG101 advisory group. He said there is considerable interest in terms of providing input from all of these different entities into the search process.

Regent Goldmark reminded the Regents and others that the Committee is composed of representatives from faculty, staff, administrative personnel, students, the Alumni Association, and the WSU Foundation. He stated that they are in the process of reviewing candidates and the accumulated pool, which has been developed through nationwide advertising, as well as through the recruitment efforts of Ted Ford Webb, the search consultant. He said Mr. Ford Webb is in the second month of a nationwide network endeavor to provide a high-quality pool to interact with the Committee. Regent Goldmark stated that the pool is developing nicely and includes first-rate individuals. Regent Goldmark said he would continue to keep the Regents apprised as the search progresses.

6. Planning Committee Report. Regent Alhadeff reported that the Planning Committee had met to develop a statement of goals for the near future. He stated that the work this year is unique and will not have the depth it has had in the past because of the search process. He said, however, that through the Provost’s Office they will get information from deans and other stakeholders to develop documents that clarify the mission for the University. Regent Alhadeff said that the Committee had also discussed the issue of enrollment and the plan to address that aggressively from a marketing and recruitment standpoint. He said he feels this is critical to the future success of the University. Regent Alhadeff stated that the Committee will listen to input about beliefs regarding WSU’s mission, but that it will also listen to the perception from the “outside” and what people are thinking about all issues concerning the University.

7. Academic Affairs Committee Report. Regent Campbell said that the Academic Affairs Committee had reviewed five items including: Summer Session tuition; faculty titles; the Intellectual Property Policy; the Diversity Report; and the HEC Board Accountability Report. Regent Campbell said the HEC Board Report included several “indicators” proposed by the Legislature. She said WSU did okay in some areas but not others; however the Committee feels that since WSU is a land-grant institution, it has a mission to educate some students that may not have the opportunity to be able to go to college otherwise. She said this is an issue of access, so some of the statistics related to lower SAT scores, for example, cannot be viewed in a vacuum. Regent Campbell stated that the Provost’s Office has plans to review the indicators and explore options for improvement.

President Smith announced that Provost Gretchen Bataille had been named the new Senior Vice President of the University of North Carolina System. He stated that Provost Bataille would remain at WSU until March 1, 2000. He mentioned that although he is delighted for her, she would be missed, and wished her the best in her new endeavors. Provost Bataille provided brief comments about the University of North Carolina System and the job she will be taking. She said that her experiences at WSU have introduced her to the many facets of operating within a university system.

Regent Marler said that it had been a pleasure to work with Dr. Bataille and provided positive comments about her strengths in the area of academic excellence.

8. Provost’s Report. Provost Bataille provided an update on current searches. She stated that Dr. Allister Summerlee had visited WSU as a candidate for the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, that there was an outpouring of support for Dr. Sumerlee’s candidacy, but that sadly, his wife had just been diagnosed with cancer. She said faculty of the College has decided to wait up to a year until Dr. Summerlee could come to WSU and the College would fill the role with interim deans until that point.

Provost Bataille also announced that Dr. Jane Lawrence, Director of the Honors College, had taken a position with the University of Vermont and that Dr. Mary Wack, Director/Professor of the Center for Teaching and Learning, would be serving as the Interim Director of the Honors College. Dr. Bataille said that Dr. Wack is an accomplished scholar and has the kind of vision desired for the Honors College.

Provost Bataille stated that Vice Provost George Hedge has extended offers for the WSU Research Foundation and the Lab Animal Research Facility searches. She also mentioned that the lab animal research facility had been on probation, but has now received full accreditation.

With regard to the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Provost Bataille said that there has been an excellent pool of candidates for the position, that all of the candidates will visit WSU in the next couple of weeks, and that it is hoped that the successful candidate will be “on board” in the spring. Dr. Bataille noted that 1.7 million dollars has been allocated to assist with enrollment issues and that much of this is to fund classes to meet high enrollment demands. She also said that $162,000 has been allocated to the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management position and that they have upgraded computers in the Registrar’s and Admissions Offices, funded recruiters and equipment in the Transfer Center, and added funding for international student recruitment efforts. Additionally, they have added professional advisors to the College of Education and expanded some of the courses.

Dr. Bataille also reported that the effects of Initiative 695 are currently unknown and there is no way to know what the funding situation will be. She stated that the colleges have strategic plans, and she is working on a detailed memo to the colleges asking them to revisit their strategic plans and review them in terms of possible reallocations of 5 percent and 7.5 percent if they had to reallocate.

Dr. Bataille mentioned that the deans, vice provosts and directors are evaluated every five years, and that two deans, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Jim Zuiches, and Dean of the College of Sciences, Lee Radziemski, currently are being evaluated and that the results of these reviews will be available in the spring.

9. Report on Waiver Program. Director of Institutional Research Jim Rimpau reviewed the proposed tuition waiver program. He said that this past spring the state had removed the twenty percent cap on waivers which has given WSU more flexibility in the awarding of tuition waivers. He said there are three goals for WSU’s waiver program:

1. Increase student quality

2. Increase student numbers (access)

3. Increase total tuition revenue

Please see Exhibit B for a draft copy of “Strategic Use of Waivers for Undergraduate and Graduate Students” as it was presented to the Regents.

Dr. Jim Rimpau reminded the Regents of the 20 percent cap that they had set for the awarding of tuition waivers and stated that he thinks this will need to be amended if the Board thinks it would be appropriate. Regent Goldmark said that he was pleased to see all of the effort that has gone into the tuition waiver program and asked Dr. Rimpau to return to the Regents with an appropriate amendment. Regent Albrecht stated that he felt this was the right way to go, but that it should be monitored to make sure WSU is reaching its goals. Regent Alhadeff mentioned that the 20 percent was a way to do the monitoring, but if the goals are being met, then the cap can be whatever. He stated that when you remove the cap, you become vulnerable if you have miscalculated. Dr. Rimpau agreed and recommended that a biannual report be given to the Board on this issue.

10. Summer Session 2000 Tuition and Services and Activities Fees. Dr. Bataille reviewed the item as it appeared in the Regents’ agenda materials. She clarified that the 4.1 percent increase for Summer resident undergraduate tuition is a result of rounding to the nearest dollar but it falls in line with the Regents’ earlier action not to go over the 4.0 increase.

It was moved and seconded to approve the recommendation to increase Summer 2000 Services and Activities Fees from $14.35/SCH to $14.85/SCH and to increase Summer Session Tuition for the year 2000 as outlined below.


Resident Undergraduate $170 $177 (4.1% increase)

Resident Graduate $219 $226 (3.2% increase)

Non Resident Undergraduate $180 $187 (3.9% increase)

Non Resident Graduate $229 $236 (3.1% increase)


11. Finance, Audit, and Capital (FAC) Committee Report. Regent Peter Goldmark reported that the FAC Committee had reviewed the status of current Capital projects, particularly the Student Recreation Center. He said Mr. Jerry Schlatter, Director of Facilities Development, provided an update regarding the timeline and the overall project. He said that the Student Recreation Center will be a visible demonstration of the goal to provide activities in a substantial way and will be a new focus for students beginning in December, 2000. He mentioned that there are some budgetary items to be solved, but that the timeline and quality of the project are good. Mr. Schlatter also reviewed with the FAC Committee the following Capital projects: Teaching and Learning Center, the Incinerator, WSU Vancouver projects, WSU Spokane projects, and the Power Plant.

With regard to the Capital Budget Process, Regent Goldmark remarked that the Board had expressed a desire to become more integrally involved in the decision making during the process. He said Budget Director Karl Boehmke reviewed a process for the Board which will more effectively get input by the FAC Committee. Regent Goldmark said the Committee had also reviewed the Investment Committee bylaw change recommended by the Foundation, that changes will be made, and that it will be brought to the full Board in January.

Additionally, the Committee reviewed an Investment Performance Report and the proposed changes to the Intellectual Property Policy. He said the FAC Committee recommended that the Board be presented with a summation of all changes imbedded in the policy amendments so that it would understand what is involved in those amendments.

12. Report by the Vice President for Business Affairs. Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that he had toured the new Student Recreation Center with the Student Advisory Board. He said it was an amazing facility and would like to arrange to have the Regents tour it in January or February.

Mr. Royer reported on the heating situation at WSU and stated that temporary boilers would be installed by the middle of December so that there would be adequate backup as winter approaches. Mr. Royer stated that he had met with representatives of the energy office to begin working on short and long-range planning for power in order to operate more efficiently and to cut costs in the operating budget.

13. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (under $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that based upon the authority delegated to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, at the meeting of January 24, 1986, he had entered into the following contracts:

3-H Mechanical, Inc., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, for the Boiler #8 Stack Replacement

project, for a total cost of $178,471.93, to be paid from 97-99 MCR and Infra-

structure Savings.

Duracon, Inc., Pullman, Washington, for the remodel of an existing room for

electron microscope project in Bustad Hall for a total cost of $86,814.12, to

be paid from 99-01 MCI funds.

14. Completion of Contracts (over $2,500). Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that on the authority delegated at the meeting of June 24, 1994, he had approved satisfactory completion of the following contracts:

3-H Mechanical, Inc., to isolate building non-potable water systems in Dana

Hall in the final amount of $98,399.

A&H Mechanical, Inc., for the replacement of water heaters in Wilson Compton

Union Building in the final amount of $94,728.

Hilliard’s Heating & Plumbing to isolate non-potable water Systems in Eastlick

Hall in the final amount of $68,009

Burton Construction for the installation of a new bulking hood in the radiation

storage building of the Nuclear Radiation Center in the final amount of $43,391.

15. Quarterly Report of Appointments of Architects & Engineers under Delegation of Authority. Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer reported that at the January 24, 1986, meeting, the Board of Regents delegated authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to select and approve entering into contracts with architects and engineers for projects in which the estimated total project costs are less than $500,000. Vice President for Business Affairs Greg Royer provided the Regents with a list of architect and engineering firms appointed as consultants through Facilities Development for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 1999-2000.

16. Report by the Vice President for Extended University Affairs. Vice President for Extended University Affairs Les Purce reported on recruiting efforts in terms of the expanded university relations initiative. He said that there has also been expanded in terms of recruitment efforts and that there have been expanded resources in terms of reallocation to assist with radio and print initiatives and that “on-line” expanded communications methods have been reviewed for students to be able to access applications and to transfer to WSU. He said that they have also integrated marketing efforts involving top media experts in the state of Washington who are Cougars committed to working with WSU in developing a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy. Dr. Purce mentioned that this should help in the long-term strategy for recruitment and success of the new President.

Dr. Purce also reported on the North Snohomish initiative and stated that we need to work on meeting the needs in this area to provide access in terms of distance education. Additionally, in regard to Southwest Washington, Dr. Purce said that he is working with Dean Judy Mitchell, Campus Dean Hal Dengerink, and three community college presidents to establish strong elementary education programs for that area, which would help to increase WSU’s fte’s.

Regent Alhadeff discussed some positive Cougar experiences in relation to his recent visit to the WSU Vancouver campus. He said the impact of WSU in that community is tremendous and that it has gone beyond the traditional borders by expanding on the land-grant mission to provide access. He also commented on the excellent care his dog received at the WSU Veterinary Clinic in Pullman and the outstanding assistance received by his cousin who is attending WSU but who is struggling and experiencing some challenges. Mr. Alhadeff also reported that the College of Education recently held a Future Teachers of Color Reception and that last year there were 35 people in attendance and that this year there were 200. He mentioned that there are many students wanting to attend WSU and receive their education to become teachers.

17. Executive Session. At 10:32 a.m., the Regents met in Executive Session for one hour to discuss a personnel matter. At 11:32 a.m., the Regents reconvened in open session and took no action as a result of the Executive Session.

Regent Goldmark remarked that it would be a great encouragement to the Cougar Football team if everyone would go to the Apple Cup game tomorrow and support the team.

The Regents’ meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.