March 14, 1997

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 9:07 a.m. on Friday, March 14, 1997, in the Lewis Alumni Centre, Pullman, Washington.

Present: John W. Ellis, President; Regents: Kenneth Alhadeff, Phyllis J. Campbell, Richard A. Davis, Peter J. Goldmark, Joe King, Scott B. Lukins and Carmen Otero; President Samuel H. Smith, Interim Provost Geoffrey L. Gamble, Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie A. Giffen, Vice President for Extended University Affairs Thomas L. Purce, University Counsel Sally P. Savage, Acting Senior Assistant Attorney General Janet Frickelton, Faculty Senate Chair Val Limburg, Staff Senate President Richard Rupp, Alumni Association President Ann Edlund, GPSA President Oliver Bangera, and ASWSU President Matthew Caires.

Also present were: Vice Provost for Student Affairs K. J. ÒGusÓ Kravas, Vice Provost for Human Relations and Resources Ernestine Madison, Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School Robert V. Smith, Executive Director of Budget and Planning Gregory P. Royer, Budget Director Karl Boehmke, Director of Statewide Affairs Larry Ganders, Associate Vice President for University Advancement Connie Kravas, Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs Ernest Renfro, Athletic Director Rick Dickson, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Karen DePauw, Director of Facilities Development David Smith, Associate Director of News and Information Services Al Ruddy, and GPSA Vice President Marti Anderson.

Visitors: Former Regent Louis H. Pepper and Mollie Pepper and Provost Gretchen Bataille (effective July 1, 1997).

1. Welcoming Remarks and Introductions. Regent John Ellis welcomed everyone to the meeting. President Smith also provided welcoming remarks and introduced Former Regents Lou Pepper. President Smith stated that Regent Pepper had provided over nine years of superb service to the University as a member of its Board of Regents. He said Mr. PepperÕs counsel and guidance were outstanding and that he will be missed as a member of the Board. Mr. Pepper responded that his time as a Board member had been wonderful and that he enjoyed watching the University grow and move through a period of transition. He said he would miss it.

President Smith also introduced Gretchen Bataille, the new Provost, who will john WSU July 1, 1997, and Janet Frickelton, acting Senior Assistant Attorney General.

2. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve the minutes of the meeting of January 24, 1997. Carried.

3. Granting of Degrees. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve the recommendation of the faculty that the candidates appearing in Exhibit A be advanced to the degrees set above their names as members of the Class of December 21, 1996. Carried.

March 14, 1997

4. Report on WSU Athletics Certification. Athletic Director Rick Dickson reported on the process that WSU followed for certification by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Mr. Dickson said the certification by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Mr. Dickson said the certification was analogous to an academic accreditation process. He said it was a two-year process that included the appointing of a steering committee, and four subcommittees: academic integrity, fiscal integrity, commitment to gender equity, and commitment to rules compliance. The process was concluded by a visit from a peer review team who examined WSUÕs self study report and made a recommendation to the NCAA that WSU be certified. Mr. Dickson noted that the athletics program is well integrated into the campus and the community. He also said that WSU would go through this process every ten years.

5. Reports by University Groups. Faculty Senate Chair Val Limburg provided highlights on a recently conducted faculty survey. In reference to important goals for faculty, he said the highest ranked goal was to be a good teacher and then to be a good colleague, as well as to engage in research. Also mentioned was that faculty believe a high priority should be to build public and political support for higher education in Washington. Dr. Limburg also reported on the following: a faculty advisory group that has been formed to discuss issues of the challenge of interfacing teaching and technology; facultyÕs concern over salary issues and the budget, including the accountability measures recently identified by the HEC Board; and the resolution of the academic calendar issue at WSU. Dr. Limburg also noted that there is widespread positive reaction to the new provost, Gretchen Bataille, and said the faculty is looking forward to working with her.

Staff Senate President Francis Benjamin reported on the following: the new computer lab that is in place for computer training for staff and the continued growth of WSU and how this has increased the growth of the staff senate. Mr. Benjamin provided information about improved communications through Web sites and WHETS between all its constituents, particularly on the west side of the state. Mr. Benjamin also provided comments about the challenge WSU faces with its own growth, especially in the area of technology. He supports looking long-range as we approach issues having to do with technology, rather than using a Òquick fixÓ approach. He said with our time and effort, the institution will be improved, including the effectiveness of its employees.

GPSA President Oliver Bangera introduced Mr. Neill Walker, the new ASWSU President. Mr. Matt Caires, the current ASWSU President, was unable to be present at the meeting. Mr. Walker noted that Mr. Caires has done an excellent job over the past year and that he feels he has big shoes to fill. Mr. Bangera thanked the Regents for their support over the past year and said they had been a source of inspiration to him. He said he appreciates all the help he has received from everyone around the table and that his tenure as GPSA President has been a great experience.

Regent Ellis stated that he is impressed with all that Mr. Bangera has accomplished during his time as President. Mr. Ellis noted that the Regents have appreciated Mr. BangeraÕs wonderful sense of humor.

March 14, 1997

Alumni Association President Ann Edlund reported on activities during the past year, such as the legislative reception last fall, which was very well attended. She said she recently attended an event with the Asian Pacific American Alumni Alliance, which is a very active alumni group, as well as a conference that was sponsored by the Swedish Alumni Alliance recently. Ms. Edlund also reported on the following: Crimson CompanyÕs spring tour and last weekÕs Board meeting in Pullman. Ms. Edlund said Shari Freidenrich, an alumni living in Southern California, was elected as the new second vice president.

6. Budget Update. Interim Provost Geoff Gamble provided an update on the biennial budget. He showed a comparison of WSUÕs 1997-99 budget request to the budgets of Governors Lowry and Locke. Dr. Gamble said Governor LockeÕs budget calls for a general salary increase for all employees and a retention pool for faculty. Other highlights included funding for enrollment increases. He said for 1997-98, the funding would be for an additional 119 fte for the branch campuses, for 1998-99, there would be funding for an additional 976 fte for all the campuses, including the Pullman campus, with a proviso that if the main campus is underenrolled by more than 3 percent and the branch campuses are underenrolled by more than 10 percent, that the per student funding must be returned to the state general fund.

Dr. Gamble also talked about instructional efficiencies and Governor LockeÕs proposal for non-instructional budget cuts of 2 percent for the budgets of all campuses, as well as tuition increases by 4 percent in 1997-98 and 4.3 percent in 1998-99.

In addition to the operating budget, Dr. Gamble provided a spreadsheet on the Capital Budget Request for 1997-99. Dr. Gamble noted that the list of projects contains many renovation projects, including Thompson Hall that is 103 years old and is due for a major overhall.

President Smith and the Regents stated that they are appreciative of Governor LockeÕs budget and his support of higher education.

See Exhibit B for a copy of Interim Provost GambleÕs budget handout.

7. Higher Education Coordinating Board Report. Interim Provost Geoff Gamble provided a brief HEC Board report. He stated that at its next meeting, the HEC Board will focus on program approvals and that it will be examining the addition of doctoral programs on the branch campuses.

8. Update on Virtual WSU. Interim Provost Geoff Gamble introduced Interim Vice Provost for Learning and Technology Mahmoud M. Abdel-Monem. Dr. Monem said that the following Virtual WSU presentations will focus on how we use some of the new technologies to interface with learning. He introduced Jean Henscheid, Eric Miraglia, and Greg Haro from the Student Advising and Learning Center.

Ms. Henscheid, Mr. Miraglia, and Mr. Haro spoke about the concept of learning through technology and used the Freshman Seminar as an example of one way in which this

March 14, 1997

is accomplished. The Freshman Seminar introduced students to learning at the college level and uses content of the courses students are enrolled in as a basis for their discussions about learning and how they can use technology to learn.

Dr. Monem also introduced Dr. Nils Peterson of the College of Education who provided a presentation on the ÒVirtual Professional Development School,Ó which is a direction he has taken within the College of Education to use the Internet to create opportunities for collaboration and learning. Dr. Peterson demonstrated in three areas: creating an Òonline laboratory schoolÓ for K-12 students; converting courses in degree programs; and using the Web for College business. He highlighted work being done by children online, as well as introduced a graduate student, Keith Facemeyer, whose dissertation is entitled, ÒThe 1995 Washington State University Virtual Science and Mathematics Fair: Innovative Educational Uses of the Internet and Their Impact on the Culture of Education.Ó Mr. Facemeyer talked about some of the predictions in his thesis and spoke about the practical nature of having information online.

9. Academic Affairs Study Group Report. Regent Peter Goldmark reported that the Academic Affairs Study Group had discussed three issues: the Summer Session change in tuition and how it is being decoupled from the regular session so it can be raised, along with S & A fees, as well as this issue of resident vs. non-resident tuition for Summer Session; the reorganization of Information Technology into a new unit reporting to the position of Vice Provost for Learning for Learning and Technology; and the concern about not meeting our enrollment targets and the consultant that has been hired to help in WSUÕs recruitment efforts.

10. Summer Session 1997 Tuition and Summer Session 1997 Services and Activities Fees. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve the recommendation to increase summer 1997 tuition (resident and nonresident) from $151/SCH undergraduate $194/SCH graduate to:

Resident Undergraduate $157/SCH (3.97 percent increase)

Resident Graduate $202/SCH (4.12 percent increase)

Non Resident Undergraduate $167/SCH (10.6 percent increase)

Non Resident Graduate $212/SCH (9.28 percent increase)


It was also moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve a recommendation to increase summer S & A Fees from $13.00/SCH to $13.35/SCH. Carried.

11. WSU Endowment Investment Report. Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen provided a semiannual WSU Consolidated Endowment Report for the period of January 1, 1996, through December 31, 1996. She said the ending market value was $107,912,108.

March 14, 1997

12. Trust Lands/Business Affairs Study Group Report. Sallie Giffen provided a brief report on trust land fund activity. She said, also that the study group had met with Matt Caires regarding recommendations on changes to the Bookie bylaws.

13. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (under $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen reported that on the authority delegated to the President of the University or his designee at the meeting of January 24, 1986, she has approved entering into the following contracts:

Apollo Sheet Metal, Inc., Kennewick, for temperature controls upgrade at WSUTC-Tri East, for a total project costs of $383,071, including sales tax and contingency to be paid from 1993-95 and 1995-97 Minor Capital Renewal funds.

Mike Coman Construction, Spokane, for milk tank replacement for the Knott Dairy Farm, for a total project cost of $166,673, including sales tax and contingency to be paid from 1995-97 departmental funds and 1995-97 Indirect Cost Recovery funds.

Mike Coman Construction, Spokane, for the remodel of the first floor of the deanÕs suite in Dana Hall, for a total project cost of $115,873, including sales tax and contingency to be paid from $1993-95 and 1995-97 Minor Capital Improvement funds and 1995-97 departmental funds.

Mike Coman Construction, Spokane, for the renovation of rooms for Carrington and Kramer labs in Clark Hall, for a total project cost of $100,252, including sales tax and contingency, to be paid from 1995-97 departmental funds and 1993-95 and 1995-97 Minor Capital Improvement funds.

Wind River Construction, Moscow, for a public restroom in the Creamery, for a total project cost of $63,532, including sales tax and contingency, to be paid from 1995-97 departmental funds.

Klemo Construction, Post Falls, ID, for remodel of rooms 142, 144, 147, 148, and 148A of Fulmer Annex, for a total project cost of $37,089, including sales tax and contingency, to be paid from 1991-93 Minor Capital Renewal funds and 1995-97 departmental funds.

Patriot Fire Protection, Spokane for the installation of a fire pump for Todd Hall, for a total project cost of $32,262, including sales tax and contingency, to be paid from 1993-95 Minor Capital Improvement funds.

14. Completion of Contracts over $2,500. Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen reported that on the authority delegated to her at the meeting of June 24, 1994, she had approved satisfactory completion of the following contracts:

Hamre Construction, Inc., for Fine Arts Plaza Repair, in the amount of $478,490.

March 14, 1997

Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc., for a compost facility expansion, in the amount of $261,870.

R.R.A.CO., Inc., for a handrail and atrium guardrail upgrade in French Administration, in the amount of $142,356.

Hamre Construction, Inc., for an east ground floor for an administrative suite in the Safety Building, in the amount of $130,325.

Collier Construction, for a remodel of the womenÕs locker room in Smith Gym in the amount of $52,362.

15. WSU Incinerator. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve schematic design documents, grant authorization to proceed with design development, and delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to approve construction documents, advertise for bids, and award a construction contract for the WSU Incinerator, if a budget can be established within the funds available. Carried.

16. Report on the Senior Class Campaign. Associate Vice President for University Advancement Connie Kravas introduced Ms. Wendy Eastman who staffed the Senior Class Campaign committee. Ms. Eastman reported on the history and success of this program and introduced two students who participated with this committee, Neill Walker and Amy Weakland, who provided information about their participation and fundraising efforts.

17. Report by the Vice President for Extended University Affairs. Vice President for Extended University Affairs Les Purce provided an update on the learning centers and noted his visit to the opening of the new learning center in Cowlitz County in Longview. He also reported on the progress of the learning center located on the campus of Lower Columbia Basin College. Dr. Purce said the relationships between WSU and the community colleges are growing and that there is potential all around the state for continued growth as new relationships develop.

Dr. Purce also reported on a consortium for distance learning between the HEC Board, the Community College Board, the community college system, and WSU to bring everyone together to talk about distance learning.

18. Communications Study Group Report. Regent Phyllis Campbell said the Communications Study Group discussed Director of Statewide Affairs Larry GandersÕ report on the status of the legislature and the GovernorÕs budget. She said they also discussed issues of efficiency, accountability, and productivity and how the dialog has shifted in Olympia with respect to those factors. She emphasized that we need to continue to communicate effectively relative to these issues and noted that, of course, this is an ongoing challenge.

March 14, 1997

Vice President Purce said we recently completed a series of television spots about WSU and the Extended Degree Program, which were reviewed in the study group. He said he thinks these will really catch peopleÕs attention.

At 10:45 a.m., the Regents recessed for a break and reconvened at 11:05 a.m.

19. Establishment of Dates for Meetings of the Board of Regents. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents adopt meeting dates for the calendar year 1998 according to the Resolution appearing in Exhibit C. Carried.

20. Election of Officers. It was moved and seconded that Richard R. Albrecht be elected to serve as President of the WSU Board of Regents, that Carmen Otero be elected to serve as Vice President of the WSU Board of Regents, with the understanding that she shall act as President protempore in the absence of the President, with the power to preside at the meetings and to sign all instruments required to be executed by the WSU Board of Regents, and that Sallie A. Giffen be appointed to serve as Treasurer of the WSU Board of Regents for the year beginning May 1, 1997. Carried.

21. Presentation on University Planning, Budget, and Accountability. Interim Provost Geoff Gamble led a report on topics focusing on planning, the budget allocation process, and accountability. He asked the Director of Statewide Affairs, Larry Ganders, to provide a legislative update as a basis for the discussion. Mr. Ganders noted that this is the 61st day out of a 105 day session, so there is much yet to be resolved. Mr. Ganders noted that most significantly, although the new Governor proposes the smallest growth in the state budget in 25 years (4.1 percent/year), he has proposed nearly a 12 percent increase for education. So, this demonstrates the GovernorÕs commitment to education. Mr. Ganders also highlighted issues having to do with bill activity and tuition increases and financial aid, among other pertinent issues.

Interim Provost Gamble provided information on the HEC BoardÕs accountability targets. He discussed targets having to do with the following: fall-to-fall retention, the graduation efficiency index (GEI), time-to-degree for full-time native students, time-to-degree for aa transfer students, graduation rates, undergraduate degrees per fte instructional faculty, all degrees per fte instruction faculty, student fte per fte faculty (by type of faculty), and alumni satisfaction.

Interim Provost Gamble also reported on the ProvostsÕ Accountability Report, which is a report put together by the six public baccalaureate institutions in the State of Washington concerning their pledges in the areas of access, graduation, efficiency, and quality.

The Regents stated that they would like WSU to be even more accountable than recommended by the HEC Board and that WSU needs not only to look at accountability but also assessment. The Regents emphasized that WSU needs to look at issues concerning what fits WSUÕs environment, what other measures might be explored, and to continue to gather information and think about how we can make the system better for the students. In

March 14, 1997

addition, the Regents suggested we closely review the recent report published by the Kellogg Commission and that we examine what might be WSUÕs ultimate measures of efficiency. The Regents noted that it is difficult to do more with only so much funding, but we have to say what we can do and in what ways we can be efficient and still maintain quality. The Regents emphasized that we can do both and that this is not a false choice.

Interim Provost Gamble stated that the Regents would continue to be given progress reports on accountability and assessment.

At 11:55 a.m., the RegentsÕ meeting was adjourned. The Regents had lunch in the Alumni Centre Great Hall with Dr. Joan Burbick, Honors Council chair, and students from and Honors Program.