January 23, 2004

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 2:00 p.m., on Friday, January 23, 2004, at WSU West, 520 Pike Street, Suite 1101, Seattle, Washington.

Present: Regent William D. Marler, President; Regents, Kenneth Alhadeff, Steven R. Hill, Joe King, Christopher J. Marr, Connie Niva, and V. Raphael Stone; President V. Lane Rawlins, Provost Robert C. Bates, Vice President for Business Affairs Gregory P. Royer, Vice President for University Relations Sally P. Savage, Vice President for Student Affairs Charlene Jaeger, Vice President for Information Systems Mary Doyle, Vice President for Development Richard Frisch, Senior Assistant Attorney General Antoinette Ursich, Faculty Senate Chair Ron Brosemer, Vice Chair for WSU Foundation Executive Committee Mikal Thomsen, Chancellor of WSU Vancouver Hal Dengerink, Chancellor of WSU Tri-Cities Larry James, and Interim Chancellor of WSU Spokane Rom Markin.

1. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the minutes of the November 21, 2003 regular and joint meetings. Carried.

2. Reports from University Groups:

Faculty Senate Chair Ron Brosemer reviewed his report as submitted to the Board. He added that this semester will be extremely busy and that the major issue for this year will be the faculty governance at the Urban Campuses.

Alumni Association President Lorie Dankers reported that the Alumni Association has been busy pursuing its primary objectives of increasing membership. She said that the pre-game event prior to the Holiday Bowl was extremely successful with more than 2,500 in attendance. She also reported that the Alumni Association’s second goal is to find ways for the Alumni Association to become more engaged with the University. Meetings with Pullman and Urban Campus personnel are being conducted to identify needs alumni could fulfill. She also reported that in February they begin their yearly process of awarding more than $190,000 in scholarships to resident and non-resident students.

WSU Foundation Vice Chair Mikal Thomsen reported on the online giving process. He said this new process is user friendly and efficient. He congratulated the football team in their victory at the Holiday Bowl and also said that there were many successful events surrounding the Holiday Bowl. The Foundation Board of Trustees anticipates an excellent year in fundraising and looks forward to positive transitions as a result of their changing governance structure that will enable them to provide additional resources to Washington State University.

3. Executive, Planning, Budget and Athletics Committee. Regent Marler reported that the committee discussed the initiative drive to raise one billion dollars in support of P-12 education and higher education. He said the committee also heard reports on WSU government relations efforts, WSU System update, an athletics update and they also discussed the 2005-07 Capital Budget request.

4. Report from the Director of Athletics. Athletic Director Jim Sterk reported on the academic performance over the past three years as well as team performance. He noted that over half of the teams have finished ranked in the top 30 in the county and that has positioned them well financially and in recruiting. The Athletic Foundation membership is up by 700 new supporters and they have donated over $220,000. He also provided an update on the current sports and invited all to attend the WSU Hall of Fame Banquet in February.

5. Reports from System Chancellors.

WSU Tri-Cities. Chancellor Larry James reported the unveiling of a campus mural by local artist. The mural depicts the ancient Aztecs and the bridge between history, culture and the educational opportunities available at WSU Tri-Cities. The event was very successful with TV and front-page newspaper coverage.

WSU Vancouver. Chancellor Hal Dengerink added that enrollment is up and that WSUV has had to turn away some students.

System Update. Chancellor Dengerink reported on the upcoming recommendations for Board action. He added that the two recommendations involve the action to revoke the previously approved constitution of the student government council and the second is a proposal to delegate authority to the WSU Administration to devise guidelines for the S&A Fee allocations to be consistent among all campuses.

6. University Development and University Relations Committee. Regent Hill reported that the committee had an update on the gift report and discussed the strategic priority communications and fundraising plan for the Colleges that would be presented to the Budget Council and then to the Regents. Regent Hill also reported on the new Investment Committee, consisting of seven members including Regents Stone and Hill. The Investment Committee has met three times and is working hard on asset allocations, spending policy, investment policy, benchmarks and fund investment process. He feels it is going well and the committee is working well together. He hopes to see that the Board receives quarterly reports on the performance of the endowment.

7. Report from the Vice President for University Relations. Vice President Savage reported on the Washington State Magazine, one of the most significant developments of the leadership strategy. She highlighted a WSU reception to be held in Washington D.C. She also noted at Mr. Peter Jennings will accept the Edward R. Murrow Award for Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting at the April Murrow Symposium. Vice President Savage provided a sneak preview of the prototypes for the print ads that are currently under development for the research ad campaign. She added that this set of ads will be aimed at a business audience and will appear in publications such as Science Magazine, Puget Sound Business Journal, and other business journals to highlight WSU’s star research programs in biotechnology, engineering, as well as agricultural research on food safety and supply. Vice President Savage introduced Tim Steury, Editor of the Washington State Magazine who provided a presentation on “Covering the State’s University”.

8. Report from the Vice President for Development. Vice President Frisch provided the Board with the Gift Report. He indicated that for the month of December $8.5 million was donated bringing them to the total of $22.7 million towards a goal of $56 million. They are $1.4 million ahead from where they were last year. He also said that they are in the process of bringing awareness and open conversations among the 4,500 President’s Associates across the United States to prepare for the upcoming vote on the new governance structure for the Foundation Board of Trustees. This coming fiscal year marks the 25th Anniversary for the WSU Foundation and they are in the preliminary planning stages of the 25th Anniversary of the WSU Foundation.

9. Business Affairs and Information Technology Committee. Regent King reported that the committee heard a report from the State Auditor and for the fourth year in a row there were no audit findings. He added that there were only one or two institutions of Higher Education that have gone that many years in row with no findings. He also reported that they reviewed schematics for the Biotechnology/Life Sciences Facility and the Regents Dining Hall Renovation. The committee also discussed lab space that will utilize the F.O. Berg Building in Spokane, proposed changes to the parking system rates and fines, and WHITCOM restructuring. He also said that they discussed the process for collective bargaining.

10. Report from the Vice President for Business Affairs. Vice President Royer went over the action items as his report.

The Board took action on the following:

WSU Pullman, Fulmer Hall – Exterior Renovation. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the construction project and delegate authority to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, to sign the public works contract. Carried.

WSU Real Estate Foundation – 501C3. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents delegate to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, the authority to create a 501C3 Real Estate Foundation, and to execute all documents necessary for its establishment. Carried.

WSU Board of Regents Real Estate Policy. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the Real Estate Policy (Exhibit A). Carried.

Vice President Royer asked Barry Johnston, Director, Business Services/Controller to provide the 2003 Financial Report (available in the Office of the President).

11. Report from the Vice President for Information Systems. Vice President Doyle, as her role of Search Committee Chair for Chancellor of WSU Spokane provided an update on the search for Chancellor of WSU Spokane and Vice Provost for Health Sciences. She added that the goal is to have a Chancellor hired by commencement. She also provided an update on Information Systems. The Portal is in production, they currently have 3000 users and the content will continue to be enriched. She added that they have received a $1.1 million grant in software and services from CampusEAI to support the university’s myWSU portal research and development over the next five years. She said they are also rewriting the IT Disaster Recovery Plan.

12. Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs Committee. Regent Alhadeff reported that the committee had a report on activities in student governance throughout the system and that they are trying to address the needs of students on all the campuses and their sense of representation. The committee had a diversity update from Dr. Bates and that he took them through a real aggressive and exciting program that the university is providing to expand opportunities for people from different diverse backgrounds to be educators. Vice President Jaeger discussed the Multicultural Student Services programs and plans in the ongoing effort in bringing the most complete package of diversity to Pullman. He said they discussed the Regents Scholars program that has been very successful, but there were some High Schools that didn’t participate. Regents Alhadeff, Hill and Marr will be soliciting High Schools that did not submit nominations to find out why and to encourage them to do so. They will be writing letters to them as well as making phone calls. The committee also discussed the degrees extending to the Tri-Cities and the establishment of the Ph.D in Criminal Justice.

13. Report from the Vice President for Student Affairs. Vice President Jaeger reported on how the relations between WSU and the City of Pullman have improved. She said there has been a culture change and that she received a letter from the City thanking WSU Greeks for all their service in the community from putting up and taking down holiday lights to landscaping, and clean-up projects. She also said they are in the critical phase of the admissions. The high performing student applicant numbers are continuing to increase and staff are now making phone calls, visits, and holding programs on and off campus to encourage students to accept the offer to admit.

14. Report from the Provost and Academic Vice President. Provost Bates quickly updated the Board on two search committees that are under development for two leadership positions: The Director of International Programs and the Dean for the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences. He continued his report by noting the importance of extending degrees to WSU Tri-Cities and the establishment of the Ph.D program in Criminal Justice. There is broad student interest in the field and the workforce is looking for leaders in the Criminal Justice fields.

15. President’s Report. President Rawlins noted how proud he is of the Washington State Magazine and the quality of work that Tim and the staff provide on this extraordinary effort. He also commended the good work by staff to produce the 2003 Financial Report. He thanked the many Regents who are involved with initiatives, diversity, the investment committee, bowl participants, and Spokane issues. All of these efforts are enhancing WSU. He noted that the working agreement for the Riverpoint Campus is approved and expects that will produce positive results. The university is keeping on track with benchmarks and he will have an update at the retreat. The upcoming Showcase event is a unique opportunity to celebrate university awards and recognition of promotion and tenure. He thanked all for being a part of a team that works well together.

At 4:10 p.m. the Regents meeting adjourned.

Approved by the Board of Regents at its meeting held at
The Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology
Institute, Spokane, Washington on March 12, 2004.