January 16, 1998

The Board of Regents of Washington State University met pursuant to call in Open Meeting at 1:32 p.m. on Friday, January 16, 1998, in the Lewis Alumni Centre, Pullman.

Present: Richard R. Albrecht, President; Regents: Kenneth Alhadeff, Phyllis J. Campbell, Robert D. Fukai, Peter J. Goldmark, Joe King, William D. Marler, and Carmen Otero; President Samuel H. Smith, Provost Gretchen Bataille, Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie A. Giffen, Vice President for Extended University Affairs Thomas L. Purce, University Counsel Sally P. Savage, Acting Division Chief Toni Ursich, Faculty Senate Chair David Stock, Staff Senate President Sandra Brabb, Alumni Association President Denny Jones, GPSA President Micki Archuleta, and ASWSU President Neil Walker.

Also present were: Vice Provost for Student Affairs K. J. “Gus” Kravas, Vice Provost for Human Relations and Resources Ernestine Madison, Executive Director of Budget and Planning Gregory P. Royer, Director of Statewide Affairs, Larry Ganders, Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs Ernest Renfro, and Director of News and Information Services Barb Petura.

1. Welcoming Remarks and Introductions. President of the Board Richard Albrecht welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the two new Board members Robert Fukai of Spokane and William Marler of Bainbridge Island.

President Samuel Smith introduced Athletic Director Rick Dickson and commended him for his activities associated with the Rose Bowl. President Smith also introduced the following: Ken Casavant, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Mike Gore, Director of the Students Book Corporation.

2. Planning Committee Report. Regent Peter Goldmark provided a Planning Committee report. He said the Committee had discussed the Operating and Capital Budget Request process; legislative issues for the year that could include the trust lands administrative fee issue, which was vetoed last year by the Governor; current administrative searches, including deans of the Colleges of Education and Liberal Arts, a director for the Museum of Art, and the upcoming search for a Vice President for Business affairs to commence soon; and the future of higher education and the future of higher education in Spokane.

Regent Dick Albrecht reported that on Wednesday, January 14, 1998, he and several Regents, President Smith, and WSU Spokane Campus Dean Bill Gray attended a meeting of the Higher Education Coordinating Board in Spokane. Mr. Albrecht stated that in response to discussions last spring and in light of fiscal and enrollment problems at Eastern Washington University (EWU), WSU has expressed its willingness to be of assistance in any way possible to support higher education in Eastern Washington. Mr. Albrecht said that both the WSU Regents and the Eastern Trustees agreed that support and guidance from legislative leaders were necessary and that last July, they met with the Governor about these issues. Mr. Albrecht said that a few weeks ago, the Governor asked the Higher Education Coordinating Board to study higher education in the Spokane and regional area and to make recommendations with respect to EWU. He said the hearing in Spokane was a result of that request by the Governor and that WSU took the position that we will stand ready and will be prepared to do whatever is in the best interests for higher education in Washington to provide the needed education in Eastern Washington. Mr. Albrecht noted that the HEC Board is required to report to the Governor with its recommendations by February 15 and that their report will become public at that time.

3. Minutes. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the minutes of the meeting of November 21, 1997. Carried.

4. Granting of Degrees. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve the recommendation of the faculty that the candidates appearing in Exhibit A be advanced to the degrees set above their names as members of the Class of October 25, 1997. Carried.

5. Reports by University Groups. Faculty Senate Chair David Stock informed the Regents that since the last meeting the Faculty Senate has been very busy. In particular, they have been working with sections one and two of the Faculty Manual, which will be completed very soon. He also noted that they are part way through the Electronic Publication Policy.

Staff Senate President Sandra Brabb reported that over the last few months she has been updating the Board on the progress of a lawsuit filed with the Personnel Appeals Board against WSU by the Washington Federation of State Employees claiming the Staff Senate was an illegal management organization. She said that in October, the Staff Senate Executive Council negotiated a settlement with the Federation and at the December Staff Senate meeting, the senators narrowly accepted the settlement terms. The senate has agreed to allocate 26 of the 71 senator position proportionately to the eight bargaining units at WSU. She also noted that a large portion of the staff are very concerned about the short- and long-term ramifications of this decision and that, specifically, the Staff Senate has some strong concerns about the possibility of losing its voice in the shared governance process.

Ms. Brabb also reported on concerns regarding the lack of implementation of a formal complaint procedure process and an Administrative/Professional Staff Handbook. Ms. Brabb emphasized that the members of the Staff Senate feel strongly that both these items become a priority for the administration and asked that the Regents direct that these matters be resolved soon.

President Smith asked Provost Bataille and Vice Provost for Human Relations and Resources to report back on these issues at the next Regents’ meeting.

GPSA President Micki Archuleta reported that by moving forward on the new Recreation Center project, we are committing ourselves to providing students the access to a state-of-the-art facility with well-run programs and activities that meet student needs. However, she reported on her concerns about a conflict of interest she believes exits stemming from the current structure within Student Affairs. Specifically, she said this conflict stems from the Director of the Compton Union Building being both the supervisor for the Director of Activities and Recreation and the advisor to ASWSU. She said she is worried that the student activities which benefit the average student will not receive sufficient funding and that too much funding may go to the Compton Union Building and to Recreation.

Ms. Archuleta elaborated on her concerns surrounding the process by which decisions are made with regard to the expending of student fees. She said she feels that Activities, Recreation, and the CUB should all be entities of equal power, as each represents a significant interest group that draws its primary support from student Services & Activities fees. Ms. Archuleta also voiced her support for the processing of an internal loan to begin construction of the new Recreation Center, as she believes it to represent the wisest stewardship of student financial interests with regard to this project.

ASWSU President Neil Walker reported that the undergraduate students want a recreation center and that the community wants it, as well. He noted that he and Ms. Archuleta have some alternative viewpoints on the issues but that the bottom line is the same. He feels the project is right on target and he emphasized that he wants to make sure the students remain in control of the process. He said the committees that have been developed have a great deal of student involvement, the students want the building built first and then the activities and programs will come later. Mr. Walker stated that he feels that the Recreation Center fee not be combined with other S&A fees. He said the Recreation Center will be a money making facility, that is the management of the funds that is the most important issue, and that he feels Student Affairs is right on track.

Mr. Walker further reported on students visiting Olympia and their visits with members of the legislature. He also discussed the response to some malicious materials that were posted on campus and said the campus community has come back strong with regard to this issue. He said the President’s Office, the Provost Office, Student Affairs, and other offices, as well as ASWSU have responded. He said they are planning a campus community forum on January 26 and that it will be in conjunction with the University of Idaho. He said the forum would be entitled, “Not in Our Community.”

Alumni Association President Denny Jones commended Alumni Association Director Keith Lincoln and Associate Director Ginny Boyle for their efforts in putting together the pre-game function at the Rose Bowl. He mentioned that pre-game sales for tickets to the function totaled 14,500 and another 5,000 were sold on game day. He said it was the biggest pre-game party ever held. Mr. Jones also commented on the Crimson Company’s performance at the New Year’s Eve party, at Disneyland, the rally, and at the pre-game function. He said being on the bus with the students was incredibly fun and that Director Roger Kelly, who chaperoned, did a great job. In addition to this, Mr. Jones mentioned that the Athletic Department did a great job honoring the 1931 team. Mr. Jones also noted that 1998 is the year of one hundred years of service to the University and that the Alumni Association will kick-off the centennial with meetings on March 26-28, 1998. Lastly, Mr. Jones reported that the Alumni Study Group had been getting great ideas and have been gathering information from other groups on the West Coast and other areas. He said they would get input at the spring meeting of directors and by next fall they will have a document on where they will go, what they will do, and what their finances should be.

Regent Albrecht agreed with Mr. Jones’ assessment of the terrific job done by all the staff who made going to the Rose Bowl such a success. He recognized President Smith and his staff, and said thank you for the superb organization of events.

6. Provost’s Report. Provost Gretchen Bataille thanked Sandi Brabb for bringing up the issues of concern to the staff and said they will work hard to bring closure to these issues. Provost Bataille mentioned that her office is currently busy reviewing promotion and tenure cases and that they are also working on diversity and budget issues. Provost Bataille reviewed a memorandum that she sent to the Vice Presidents, the Vice Provosts and the Deans concerning 1997-98 and 1998-99 budget issues.

Attached, as Exhibit B, is a copy of the memorandum reviewed by Provost Bataille.

In addition to the budget issues, Provost Bataille noted that WSU, in collaboration with the University of Idaho, has been working to come up with some federal initiatives in the areas of engineering, agriculture, and food safety to name a few. She said it is increasingly important that we collaborate on all levels, including with other institutions.

Regent Joe King thanked Provost Bataille for leading an informative discussion on priorities and the budget and said the Regents have viewed with great alarm that we are turning money back into the state. He said the challenge to faculty, staff, and students is that the entire university needs to be aware of this and involved in the efforts to return funding back to the institution.

7. Academic Affairs Committee Report. Regent Carmen Otero reported that in addition to the budget issues, the Academic Affairs Committee had been provided an update on diversity, assessment, and academic achievement. She said they also discussed the Summer Session 1998 Tuition and the Summer Session 1998 Services and Activities Fees action item.

8. Summer Session 1998 Tuition and Summer Session 1998 Services and Activities Fees. It was moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve the recommendation to increase summer 1998 tuition (resident and nonresident) from $157/SCH undergraduate and $202/SCH graduate to:

Resident Undergraduate $165/SCH (5.10 percent increase)

Resident Graduate $212/SCH (4.97 percent increase)

Non Resident Undergraduate $175/SCH (4.79 percent increase)

Non Resident Graduate $222/SCH (4.72 percent increase)


It was also moved and seconded that the WSU Board of Regents approve a recommendation to increase summer S&A Fees from $13.35/SCH to $13.85/SCH. Carried.

9. Commendation of former Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Geoffrey Gamble. Regent Carmen Otero read a resolution praising former Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Geoffrey Gamble who recently departed WSU to take the Provost position at the University of Vermont.

It was moved and seconded that the Regents approve the Resolution appearing in Exhibit C commending Geoffrey L. Gamble for his dedication and service to Washington State University. Carried.

10. Finance, Audit and Capital Committee Report. Regent Dick Albrecht provided a report on the Finance, Audit and Capital Committee meeting. He reported that they received an update on the student recreation center and reviewed the 1999-2001 bienniel request and process, the retirement plan proposal, the housing and dining rates at university residence hall and apartments, and pending construction projects. He said Vice President for Extended University Affairs Les Purce also provided a report on the Research Foundation and Research Park, as well as intellectual property issues.

11. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (under $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen reported that on the authority delegated to the President of the University or his designee at the meeting of January 24, 1996, she has approved entering into contracts with the following:

Palouse Empire Inc., Moscow, for Bustad Hall: Ventilation to prevent Formaldehyde Exposure, for a total cost of $128,244, including sales tales tax and contingency, to be paid from 1995-97 Minor Capital Renewal funds.

12. Housing and Dining System Rates for Academic Year 1998-99. Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen reviewed the Housing and Dining System Rates for the Academic Year 1998-99. She reviewed the process used for setting the rates and noted that the student groups were fully involved in the process.

13. Contracts under Previous Delegation of Authority (over $500,000). Vice President for Business Affairs Sallie Giffen reported that on the authority delegated to the President of the University or his designee at the meetings of March 15, 1996, she has approved entering into contract with KPFF Consulting Engineers, Seattle, for the Campus Infrastructure and Road Improvements Phase I, for a total amount of $8,292,000

14. Student Recreation Center — Interim Project Financing. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve an intra-institutional loan and delegate to the President or his designee, the Vice President for Business Affairs, authority to spend up to an additional $2.0M for design development and miscellaneous costs for the Student Recreation Center project. These funds shall be reimbursed to the institution from the proceeds of the project’s bond issuance. Carried.

15. Student Recreation Center — Declaration of Intent to Reimburse. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve a Reimbursement Resolution declaring the official intent of the University to repay internal funds expended on the Student Recreation Center project from the proceeds of the project’s bond issuance. Internal expenditure of funds will not exceed $5.0M. Carried.

16. Approval and Adoption of Changes to the WSU Retirement Plan Rules and Regulations. It was moved and seconded that the Board of Regents approve and adopt the following changes to the WSU Retirement Plan Rules and Regulations: a) Amend the elective tax deferral of earnings contributions to the retirement plan to mandatory tax deferral; b) modify the alternative vendors and provide additional fund options for retirement investment in the WSU Retirement Plan and Voluntary Tax Deferred Investment Program; c) Inclusion of an early retirement option; and d) Modifications necessary to comply with federal law, increasing the federal contribution earnings limit from $150,000 to $160,000, and eliminating any reference to a mandatory retirement age. Carried.

Please see Exhibit D for a complete copy of the action taken along with a copy of the WSU Retirement Plan Rules and Regulations.

At 3:00 p.m., the Regents took a 20-minute break and reconvened at 3:20 p.m. in open session.

17. Resolution in Support of a Proposal to Create a Higher Education Endowment. Regent Dick Albrecht reported that the Regents wished to take action adopting a resolution supporting a proposal to create the Higher Education Endowment in the 1998 session of the Washington State Legislature. He said the Resolution is very similar to one adopted by the University of Washington and that the Regents wish to remind the legislature to honor their commitment.

It was moved and seconded that the Regents approve the Resolution appearing in Exhibit E urging the state legislature to pass and the Governor to sign enabling legislation to establish the Higher Education Endowment in the 1998 session of the Washington State Legislature. Carried.

18. Report by the Vice President for Extended University Affairs—Proposed Golfcourse Expansion. Vice President for Business Affairs Les Purce provided a comprehensive report on the proposed expansion of the golf course. Vice President Purce’s report began with an historical overview of the golf course. He then reviewed the various meetings that have occurred with regard to the expansion beginning in April 1997 and including such groups as the WSU Land Use Committee, many environmental groups, the Pullman Civic Trust Board of Directors, Rotary, the Pullman School Board, and many others. Vice President Purce also provided information on concerns and recommendations and the issue of preserving Roundtop Park and the Jerry Newbrey Trail. He covered other issues such as the maintenance of the prairie strip and water issues. He also discussed a water mitigation strategy. In addition, Vice President Purce reported on financing issues and recommendations, including partnerships, multiple recreational use, and multiple land use. He noted that there is opportunity for integration of academic programs, such as the Turf Management Program through the Department of Crop and Soils Sciences. The next steps as reviewed by Vice President Purce, were also covered and included reviewing community observations with the Board of Regents and moving forward with the caveats that the plan should incorporate multiple recreational uses and multiple land usages. Additionally, Vice President Purce recommended continuing community partnerships, finalizing a funding plan using non-state funds, establishing working committees, working with national environmental organizations involved in golf course habitat programs, and developing a conceptual design that incorporates the multiple use concept.

Regent Alhadeff asked if this plan included a residential concept, and Vice President Purce responded that there is no residential concept in this plan. Regent Marler commended the university for working in partnership with the community. Vice President Purce said it has been a wonderful learning experience and that he has very much enjoyed meeting and working with many new individuals. Regent Otero applauded the multiple use and partnership concepts.

Vice President Purce said he would return to the Regents by late spring with a financial plan.

19. Report by the Director of Corporation and Foundation Relations. Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations Shane Giese reported on partnerships between WSU and corporations and foundations. He provided some interesting statistics that came from the Campaign that provide strong evidence of a huge workforce shortage in the Information Technology field. Mr Giese discussed ways in which WSU could work in partnership with corporations and foundations to fulfill that need.

The Regents’ meeting adjourned at 4:06 p.m.