John Schoettler

John Schoettler is Vice President of Amazon’s Global Real Estate and Facilities team. Its mission is to provide a secure, sustainable and efficient work environment to accommodate growth and enable Amazon employees to innovate and delight customers. Over the past 19 years, John’s team has overseen Amazon’s corporate real estate portfolio expand from 1MM square feet to more than 40MM across more than 50 countries. Additionally, John’s team also oversees Amazon Corporate Physical Security, Employee Health and Safety and Business Continuity, as well as Amazon’s Corporate Travel program. John is deeply committed to the community and represents the face of Amazon to many constituencies – government, civic organizations, and in the press. His foresight and leadership led to Amazon’s collaboration with community organizations such as FareStart and Mary’s Place. His vision to create a temporary homeless shelter in a repurposed motel for over 250 families led to the development of permanent shelter on Amazon’s urban campus for the families Mary’s Place serve. John is also the past Chair of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the boards of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Seattle Association and Cascade Public Media (KCTS9).

Office: Member
Hometown: Lakewood
Term Expires: September 30, 2024